Master Pyreanor, the Paladin Trainer in Orgrimmar, Kalimdor

Master Pyreanor, Paladin Trainer in OrgrimmarMaster Pyreanor is the Paladin Trainer in Orgrimmar. He stands just to Thrall’s left side, off the raised throne, on your right entering his back chamber. Yes, folks, it appears that all the sources (and there are a lot of them, even on the official forums, although WoWWiki is reflecting a correct list) about the only Horde paladin trainers being in UC and SM are dead wrong. Here he is, in the flesh. He even trains you if you pay him some gold.

No longer will there be hundreds of Horde paladins taking the long swim across the big pond to train every 2-6 levels, depending on how anal you are.

(Thanks for the tip, Halite.)


  1. Halite says

    You’re welcome. =)

    Thank you also for the guild offer, but we’re in a guild with RL friends currently. Because of that, transferring will probably never be an option, even if we change guilds so that we can raid one day. It was nice to get the offer though! =)

  2. says

    You’re welcome. I would love to play with RL friends again, but I rolled on the wrong realm. I found out yesterday that 6 co-workers play on one realm. Now that I’m a carebear, it’s to late to take Deadr over there on their PvP realm. Doh! I’d have to play Frostr or Bloodr, and that’s a chore that I don’t want to do, unless it was just to hang out.

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