40 at last!!

Yes, you heard it here first, folks. At 12:23am Kargath Server Time, Gitr achieved the previously unthinkable: level 40! To the drumroll of his fellow guildies as he killed the last gorilla, Gitr slaughtered his victim so fast he didn’t even get a Kodak Moment.

The evening started with going for a red quest with the help of Rani, one of Aurora’s alts. We went to the ogre mound in STV and got Maury’s key after about 6 ogres. No problem. Before I had time to go grind, Tox’s little guy, Inebriate (lvl 29 mage), rounded us up for a Scarlet Monestary run. After my disaster 2 days earlier, I was REALLY up for this run. Besides, I was going to be the highest level there.

Our initial group was Aurora’s druid alt, Silverwing, her offspring, Sandrah, was a level 33 warrior running with a shield, Inebriate, and Gitr still at 39. My instructions were simple:
Inebriate: “Don’t let me get hit.”
Silverwing: “Don’t let me get hit.”
I can do that! I think. Well, I can. I took over 50% damage in the first leg to the boss. If I remember correctly, Silverwing didn’t even get hit, or at least for a very long time. It really gave me a lot of confidence. I made quite a few mistakes in the beginning, but I tried my best to not repeat them, and Silver and Neb are so good, they easily made up for my shortcomings in the beginning.

We moved on the the second part, and wiped after the guy with the 4 hounds. By then, it was bedtime for Sandrah, so we had to decide if we wanted to try again or if I should start grinding to level. After some time, Silver was able to locate Ronin, a lvel 38 druid. Gitr took advantage of the wait to catch some ZZzzzZZz.

Now that we were healer heavy and had 2 high level ppl, it was time to pull out all the stops for Gitr. Armed to the teeth at 88dps, 1400 HP, and 1900 armor, I was ready to wreak havok on SM. This was the first time that I was really getting into the role of tank. I’d done Deadmines before as tank and liked the action, but there was little or no strategy involved other than not pulling adds. Last night, we had to coordinate sheeping, pulling, aggro, and healing. I really feel like I can do tanking now, and do it well. The others’ damage stats proved that, and I went to bed proud of my l337 gaming skillz. In the end, we got Doan and I put him down with Retaliation and a well-timed Execute.

What can beat such a good SM run? Why, leveling to 40 and getting a pony, of course. So, off to grinding Mistvale gorillas I went again. One hour later, I was on my way to the Eastvale Logging Camp for my mount with 95G in my bags. Enter the dilemma: which horsie do I want? There were so many to choose from. There were so many things to consider, but being a guy, I just chose one.

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