I love Scarlet Monastery

After getting some help killing Forzuk on my 5fps laptop in Panera, logging in later and getting help finishing the quest in the Circle of Inner Binding with the rod that dropped, I was ready for real action when I got home to a good computer.

While I was still putzing around in IF trying to make money and get a full set of green plate armor, Silverwing logged in. I asked if she wanted to do another SM run. It depended on who got online, came the reply, so I putzed around some more and we soon had 4 to go. (Screenshots at home, sorry) She had a fellow guildie and another person, whom I never got the connection. We had Silverwing, Shadow, Luannane (I’ll have to check the screenshot), and eventually Inebriate again. We killed off one group of mobs when Intoxication finished his quests and logged in Neb, so we ran out and summoned him. We rounded out our group of 5 with a 40 warrior, 30 mage, 34 druid, 35 druid, and a 34 warlock.

Being a different makeup from my last run, it really took me a while to get used to things again, but no one died until we got to Doan. Several things went wrong in that fight, but it was all good in the end: he died a vicious Execute death. I charged in and got aggro. Then they all started busting up on him too. As we were working him, I pulled him closer to the doorway for an escape when he bubbled. When he did, he was at about 65% and I ran out and around the door’s column, but he was pretty much in the doorway. Inebriate died from his fire thing and Doan ran back in and to the right, where the screenshot will show his final resting place. My bad move was that I think the fire thing took me to about 50% and I just ran in and around the corner, out of LoS of the druids. My health dropped quite rapidly since I had all of his attention. At a sliver of 76 health left, I popped a Superior Healing Potion and tripped Retribution and spammed Sunder armor to 5 and Heroic Strikes and Overpower when he dodged. When that ended, I noticed Execute was lit, and Gitr finished him with his massive rage. I LOVE dual-wielding a level 40 warrior!

Then we went to the graveyard to get the orb or hat for Silver and Neb. The orb dropped as my eyelids were dropping, so I thanked and hearthed. A good night’s work left me at about 50% through level 40.

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