A day. That’s it. A day.

It was a very filled day yesterday. Notice that it was not a “fun-filled” day. Work was brutal by starting out twiddling my thumbs. I like days like that.

*birds chirping* (somewhere, but certainly not inside)*people having tea with their friends* (again, not here, but somewhere fun)

/*knock knock”We have a rush that needs to go out by tomorrow.”
“OK, no problem.”
“Just fix the text. We’re waiting on the drawings for the documents.”
“When is the meeting?”
“Ten o’clock.”
“Fine. I’ll get started.”

*An hour passes

/*ring ring”You know that document that we have until the 14th to finish? The guy in charge is leaving tomorrow for the rest of the year. We need it through processing by tomorrow morning.”
/*e-mail pops up”The images are being worked on by so-and-so and you need to get with them to put the new drawings in.”
I started putting in the drawings and realized that only one set was done for 6 docs!!

That is how my day started out. Not cool.

I got one done by 4:30 and left because the drawings STILL weren’t done. I met my girlfriend at Panera to help her with a project due today. Before she got there, I decided to download the patch. Huh-uh. The firewall was keeping BlizzardDownloader from working.

When she got off work and we ate, we realized how bad her professor’s instructions were. I had no idea what was going on because I’m not taking the class, she is. So after 90 minutes we go to her house to look at the book. Nothing helpful. So we did what all great college students do: B.S. Lots of it. It’s kind of hard when it’s “I want to see this data and your analysis of it,” but I think we managed wonderfully. I left at 9:45 after falling asleep as she was typing, but not before she walked on my back to crack the heck out of it from my miserable day. At least I got to spend 4 hours with her, even if the project was ick.

I was passing out on the way home, I was so tired, but I wanted to check my mail when I logged in. I fell asleep while the patch downloaded.

In an effort to level, I shrugged everyone off and went to Badlands to grind 38-41s and farm [Heavy Leather] for a guildie’s reputation with the Thorium Brotherhood. At one point, I took on 4 lvl 41s that kept coming before I got a chance to heal or bandage up. I had to pop a potion and eventually trip Retaliation, but that was some nice burst rest xp. I ran through my rest in about 30 minutes at a rate of 35,000 xp/hr. I was supposed to level at 11:45, until I realized that was not going to happen without rest xp. I decided to look for the quest grinding stuff in my log in the area. One of them was [Small Stone Shard] drops from some rock elementals just next to where I was. Unlike the ones that I needed help with last week, these guys were 38s, and I was taking them on 2-3 at a time. I got my 10 shards and turned it in with 900 xp to go for level 42. It took 3 wolves and a big cat to ding, hearth, IF AH, SW trainer, and log.

In the AH, I saw 2 one-hand [Mug O’ Hurt] maces that I really wanted for their dps and speed alone. To dual-wield those would have been funny awesome. Too bad they didn’t have any STR or AP stats.

It was now 12:45 and WAAAYYYY past my bedtime, but at least I was a 42 and got to use a talent point and train up some more.

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