Gitr’s going at it again

I heard from a fellow guildie that I needed to slow down in Uldaman tonight. It came in a whisper from someone who wasn’t in my party. I asked how he knew.

“I heard it on TeamSpeak. You’re really going at it, they say.”

Yeah I was. I dealt 41% of the damage and took 50% in a 5-man with a 37 mage, 38 druid, 36 warlock, and a 38 rogue. I was going a bit fast, but then again, I could afford to from time to time. I had a good pace with other groups, but not this one. It just didn’t feel right. I don’t know if it was because it was a new instance for me, or….. SHE was in it.

Yes. Miss Anti-gun. It was brought to my attention by a co-worker that I failed to mention that she is a fellow guildie. Well, this time she WAS the party leader, so I already knew no guns. That is probably the reason, because I am always using my gun when I can’t charge. We made it quite a ways in. I’d have to look at a map, but we beat the tall statue woman that looks like the princess in Arathi Highlands and then proceeded to kill 2 more big areas that were pulling tons of mobs linked together. First, a hall with about 7 scorpions, then 8 miners, and then a room with 8-10 miners. We wiped in the room trying to proceed out from there and called it a night. Why? Because it was 10PM and our leader has a bedtime. That’s right. Miss Anti-gun is still a kid. At one point I asked if I could shoot to pull and she said I’d have to wait until she ran into a corner and hid.

Enough about her. I got massive xp for not really doing anything tonight. I ran with Tox’s alt, Inebriate again. In STV we tried quest after quest and got decent xp all the way. I had a Singing Blue Crystal quest. Too bad it wasn’t ever the one ‘Neb had. 🙂 We went from place to place without them. Then, when we did start, the poor guy’s ag radius was too big. We wiped twice and eventually let the healer rez us to do the Uldaman run. I really enjoy running with Tox/Neb because he understands the game and the tactics involved. Never really getting mad when I’m stupid helps my training a lot, so I don’t get frustrated.

/*props to Tox

The AH had me drooling right before logging off. For the first time since I hit 40, I saw the legs I’ve wanted for more than a month. One day at work, we were looking to see how long it was going to be before I could get leggings better than my mail legs with +5 defense and 391 armor, which for some reason are not showing up on now. Anyway, we found them in [Golem Shard Leggings] at level 41. Very nice. I want them, I want them. Time to get l337 skillz in herbalism now to make extra money. One day with a mount should do it.

I got my skinning up another 2 points last night, up to 294 now. Tox is going to take me bear or bat hunting for 55s to finish off my skinning and get his reputation up.

Good night, and thanks for reading.

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