Opinions needed

I have a slight dilemma with this blog: do I include my life or keep it completely pertaining to WoW and Gitr as if I don’t exist?

I’d really like to know what my readers want because you are the ones that read ir, or will stop reading it if the content is out of the expected mainstream for ‘Gitr’s WoW Blog.”

Right now, my life is slightly more interesting than Gitr’s because my life is so interesting that I haven’t had enough time to play.

For an example of what I would include if it’s an all-inclusive blog, see my previous post. I also noticed a posting on the bulletin board at work this week about an internal position for the IS department, which includes a promotion. I also had an interesting baby-sitting experience last night when I fell asleep and the kids stayed up too late watching TV, and it wasn’t even 9pm yet.

If those are too mundane or real-life, that’s cool. I’ll just start up a blog on me an link them.

Have a good one, and looking forward to tons of feedback. Lots and lots of feedback. Give me so much feedback, it chokes the server.

By the way, Heh, I’m looking into getting a domain and putting up an improved blog with “real” blogging tools. More feedback = more incentive to get going.

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