Tanking: Fury or Prot?

New topic: Can I draw more aggro right here, right now by putting on a shield and getting in defensive stance without a respec? With a respec? My goal in running instances is obviously to take as much damage as I can away from everyone else. My method for that has been to do so much damage that I piss everything off into wanting my head on a platter. I currently own the [Collection Plate] have had no interest in getting anything better until I need to respec or use it in Fury. This isn’t really a “I think you should do this” topic, but a hard fact scientific inquiry about aggro. Are there formulas out there for calculating how much aggro I can get and hold?

As a level 42, I’m not yet to the point that I’m taking on anything that hits for more than 300-500 in a group with at least one healer. Therefore I’m never really in any *real* danger unless my support dies if they draw aggro from healing too much.

I spend the vast majority of my time soloing, so I’ve built up a fierce Fury build with 196 STR for damage increase to kill things before they kill me. I have no interest out there soloing in lasting out a fight.

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