Uldaman weekend

I hit 43 some time Saturday around lunch, I guess. I was invited into a like-level run with an all in-house group to Uldaman. It was my second time in there, so it wasn’t completely new, but we had some quests and no healer. Right. 5 toons, no healer.

The group consisted of me on the verge of 43; Inebriate, 39 mage; Homerjay, 47 warlock; Foashin, 44 mage; and Whitekalen, 46 warrior. It was touch and go as we went on and faced more and more difficult mobs, but it was really our fault, and likely mine, being the n00best of the group. The rest of them all have 60s, or even multiple 60s and run all the time. Now their alts are actually high enough to fun with me and help me out.

The problem that around that I KNOW was my fault was quite simple and easily remedied. I saw that White often looked like she was going to shoot her crossbow to pull, but didn’t. She must have been walking around with it pulled out from shooting a runner or something. Well, one time we were in a room with a bunch of mid-40 elites and she pulled 3-4 from the left and I pulled 4 from the right. I was the only to die, but that was fitting. I have no idea how everyone else survived, but that was none of my concern.

Just before that, I’d experienced my first epic drop ever. BoE to boot, too. Gloves of Holy Might dropped from a miner boss near the back door to Uldaman. He was in a room with an Archaeologist, Geologist, and 2 body guards that I’m not sure what they were. We took the last 3 down in good form in under a minute to our great gladness of his loot. We all passed to do a greed roll. Because my memory is so bad, I can’t remember exactly why, but White got them and gave them to me to sell on AH. When I went to put them up, there were 2 already up. One was for 150g and the other 100g. I told ‘Neb’s alt, Intoxicated, to grab them up so I had a chance to sell the ones we got and put them up for 2g higher than mine. We are still waiting for them to sell.

I have started up my AH business and am making out quite well. I started with 12g of my own and worked up to 30-something and bought all I could and posted them. Things were going along nicely and noticed how nice things could be “if only” I could buy just this one thing that I saw. I asked a guildie for a 65g starting capital loan due Saturday. They agreed to that. My guess is that they will have their return today or tomorrow after the patch (please let it be tomorrow). I have great plans for the money, to which my guild will get great honor, much in the same way if I ever get large sums of money. 🙂 I will prove to be an excellent steward of what I am given and bring in great returns on investment.

Sorry for the lack of screenshots today. The runs were so busy and cramped that a good shot never really popped up when I was thinking, “blog.” I am going to ask around, but if you read this and have a solution, please post a comment. Is there a mod or other program for free that lets you store screenshots sequentially? I really hate ALT-Tabbing to Photoshop to paste a shot before continuing on with gameplay. Some of your blogs have so many shots, I can’t imagine that you all take that many breaks during raids to dump the clipboard to be able to take another shot. If that is the case, gratz, because I can’t do it. Heheh.

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