AH success at last

I’m not giving away any trade secrets on my blog, but I have had a great 2 days in the AH. With some incredible tools and seemingly providential discernment on what to do, Gitr’s investor got all the money back from Saturday night’s 65g loan, plus a sizable amount of interest for the trust to make good on it. Of course, with a whole week to pay him back, there must be some good stuff going on to give back that much purchasing power so soon. Oh, there is.

I am really excited about my new nich, which will allow me to get the ‘latest and greatest’ instance AND soloing gear. I do have a big suprise up my sleeves for 4 guildies, but it will probably take a week or two for that to happen. Just in time for Christmas.

As some of you know, I still live at home [ 🙁 ]so even though my playing doesn’t keep me away from my girlfriend, missing appointments, or missing work, my play time is at least observed by those who think my time can be better spent. What is my point here? I can play the AH in 20-30 minute intervals and call it a half-day, log back in, and shout for joy as Gitr brought in 3-5 times more than he spent. Last night I logged out with over 380g posted for sale.

A very nice bonus of this new activity is that I have lots of rest xp to use tonight. My biggest problem will be avoiding the temptation to stop what I’m doing to go back to IF to put more inventory up for sale. My goal today is to level to 44 and get 700g in currency and inventory.

I wish I had a great philosophical topic today, but I don’t…they kind of just come to me. Hopefully the other blogs manage to take up my slack so you aren’t left wanting.

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