45 is nice too

Whew, what a fight to get from 44 to 45 in one night! I did it. 107,000xp in one night, with only the rest from the night before. The night started with a freaky suprise of what the Winter Veil looks like. Christmas lights everywhere and a queue formed leading up to Father Winter. Quite funny. I did a couple of quests within IF while I was tending to my auctions. One of them brought up a quest for “The Reason for the Season.” I was initially put out that Blizzard might attempt to poke fun at such an important religious celebration, but I decided to follow it through to the end to see what they made of it, much like watching the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, one of the greatest Hollywood Christmas risks ever.

While I wasn’t offended by the quest, my hope of a good message that the first screen from Karnik was quickly dashed with his second screen. Oh well. It’s a game, like I say. On to killing, I also say. LOL.

My charge last night from Tox was to go to Tanaris and head West to an island for some quests killing beasts and ogres. I had quite the adventure in my travels when I started to run through a skull-level orc camp and had to jump 200 feet down into a lake. After I made my way back to the road, I saw where the big island was and headed left off the road, down at least a 100 foot drop. It took 80% of my life. I bandaged up and looked around to get my bearings again. I saw level 49 water elementals that Tox warned me about. Crap. I’m in the wrong area. Looking at the map again, I can see the dock, 1/4 mile northwest. I made a run for it and made it. The swim was as advertised, “doable,” and I got my quests to kill ogres. I never did get ones for beasts. Next time, I guess.

I died a few times from drawing adds while I was fighting 2 levels above me, which is usually a recipe for disaster for a warrior. At least after the only Retaliation for 30 minutes, that is. Soon Inebriate joined me to kill Shamans. I had just wiped out the only 2 I saw, so we slaughtered everything else. He had to leave within 5 minutes of us joining up with another warrior, a level 46 named Hooahdooah. The two of us needed several Shaman, so we stuck with it and killed about 25 ogres and went to turn in. I never got a screenshot of our ogre fights, so we did a photo session South of the village.

After all that, I was ready for a change of scenery, so I got on a couple of gryph points to get to Tanaris again. I saw about 5 quests in Gadgetzan that I hadn’t seen before. I had a lot of humanoids to kill in the flats before the cove of pirates that I went to level for 44. I killed all of them, and got the water bottles, but still needed to find Caliph. I found out where he was supposed to be, but he wasn’t there. I figured he was another one of those wandering types. So I waited. Then he showed up and was only a 46. GREAT. I charged and 2 lvl 46 rogues unstealthed from beside him. I (stupidly) forgot to take a health potion in time and died. By the time I got back, he was gone and no where close. Probably finished off by someone else, I figured. So I waited again. After a while, a N.E. rogue asked if I was killing assassins and mages. I told him I was only killing Caliph and moving on to other things. We grouped and finally decided to mount up and ride toward one of the mountains to look for him. You can see he was no match when we did find him. We actually killed him 3 times. I went to turn in the quests and the one for the assassins and mages became available, along with another for 5 more water bottles. I went back and we grouped again for about 20 minutes.

I still had a long way to go for 45, so I just started killing 44-47 beasts everywhere I saw a good density. I hit 300 skinning in all that *fun! I had my biggest crit hit ever. I’ve hit 600s before with really big heroic strikes with buffs and Booming Voice, but this one takes my cake. Eventually even that got boring, so I headed to the cove again. Along the way, I discovered the instance that will be added later with the level 50 elite dragon guarding the entrance. I went along to coast to try to swim straight into the fort, but danger pushed me back the way I came. There were level 50 turtles and two of these level 49 elite dudes.

I killed in the cove for a while, but there was too much competition to get a groove on. It was just too much running. I hearthed to IF to unload and get more healing potions and some runecloth for bandages. I knew what I had to do: go to Badlands and kill as fast as possible. I wasn’t even skinning (no point now except $$) the carcasses, but I was looting them if there were any lowbies around looking to get skill points for skinning them. I finally dinged, hearthed, and went to bed.

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