Blog hosting issues

I was really trying to get the blog going on a new domain this week, but the comments aren’t working correctly. It’s a MovableType host, and there are just too many templates and a very sluggish forum admin. I can’t even ask for help.

Sooo… when I get home, I’m going to install WordPress to see if I can get that running OK and start co-publishing the blog on both spots until I can get my cool stuff working. I’m not quite sure how to transfer all my tracking and BlogShares stuff over yet so I don’t lose traffic. As one tesimonial for WP said, “Outstanding work. Installation was extremely smooth and easy — and it actually works, compared to my bad experience with MovableType. Got me up and running in nearly 10 minutes.”
Looking forward to it with much anticipation.

It will take a while to get it to look the way I want, so I won’t be publishing the URL until it’s ready for the demands of the high-quality audience that I know you are.

Gitr will be doing a SM run tonight as main tank, so I should have lots of good screens and tales of heroism tomorrow.

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