Priest builds

It’s time to start looking at what path to take for my builds. I need to install Call to Arms to get into some groups for doing some instances soon. It won’t be long before it’s time for Stockades, and I’ll need to reduce my threat when healing. Improved Renew was one of my favorite talents with Priestr. I could put up a bubble renew all day on party members.

I have yet to group up with anyone for a PuG or like-level instancing with Deadr, so I don’t know how well he heals yet. LOL. Come to think of it, I don’t have any +Healing gear yet. Priestr always had 2 sets, +INT and +Healing. I’m sure not concerned about running out of mana at this point, but if I replace my +INT, I’ll be taking a pretty big hit on the mana pool.

I haven’t even begun to look into the Shadow line to see how cool it is, so I still feel pretty much in the dark about how much healing one is giving up with that build. I’m going to look into getting healing gear, but going Shadow for grinding damage and see what kind of mix I can make out of that.


  1. Gnomicidal says

    I have a lvl 60 priest and was shadow up until I started doing Strat and Scholo (lvl 57 ish). I could handle the healing ok as a shadow spec but found it to be much easier with a holy spec. I actually had a couple of people disappointed that I left shadow for holy. They had gotten use to my dps output. In any case, go shadow until your 50’s. You can still heal groups in instances and will rock when soloing.

  2. says

    I shall stick with Shadow, then with a bit of Threat reduction for groups. It will take some getting used to doing damage in groups instead of just healing. I don’t think I’ve ever done more than a bit of wanding in groups. Maybe I can set ClickHeal up for letting me wand the targets of my party members.

  3. says

    I would recommend sticking with Shadow. With a decent amount of +Healing your ability to heal in groups shouldn’t be an issue. And in the rare instance where you’re not the only priest you can equip your +shadow and lead DPS. Highly recommend the threat reduction talents in both shadow and Disciple trees. Should allow you to Heal at will and do a decent amount of Wand DPS.

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