Affliction Tree with a Priest Rocks; Ding 43

I logged on last night to a nearly-instant whipser from Rhone, Core’s 60 Affliction Warlock. He is bored until BC and wants to level me as fast as we can so Core can have another priest from time to time. The idea was to round up mobs, for him to put 2 DoTs per mob, and run around with a bubble. Then he would do that health transfer to his succubis and I’d heal him back. When I wasn’t doing damage myself, it was non-stop action with no downtime to drink. I think we’ll be doing this a lot, especially if I hit 60 in time for Burning Crusade.

He met me in Tanaris as I was rounding up Rogues, Assassins, and Mages. I got jumped by Caliph Serpentsting twice that morning, and we saw him 3 times last night. The sky must be falling or Hell must be freezing over, because he’s ALWAYS required a manhunt.

I turned those in, and we went for Pirate hats and Andre Firebeard. I remember spending 3 nights grinding the pirate cove with Gitr back in the day. This was much, much easier. We went back and turned those in and got quests for 40 various pirates, Cuergo’s lost treasure, and one pirate dropped the homing beacon for the silly robotic chicken.

After finishing off the pirates, we swam to Land’s End Beach and got the treasure and Rhone wanted to show me the Cavern of Time. It is pretty cool looking, I must say. We had a few drinks, got smashed, and then ran up the tower stairs. We were pretty sloshed, and I almost fell off the stairs a few times.

I added a Talent point to add 2% more damage to Shadow spells and hearthed for the night.

This morning, I flew to Org and took the boat to Ratchet to turn in those two Tanaris quests. I picked up the Booty Bay flight point and a buttload of STV and other various quests, AND forgot to upload my profile this morning. Sorry. Anyway, less than 2 weeks until I get the whole week after Christmas off of work for the end-of-year holiday. We give up several other Federal holidays during the year, but it is worth it.

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