44 and Counting

I got my Shadoweave set when I logged in after work. It was just sitting there in my inbox like a present. Then I turned in a couple of quests that took me to 80%. I got back on around 8pm and turned in another to get to 85% and decided to grind it out. I went to Tanaris to pick up the quest involving digging up the 30 ornaments. I have 4 already and fought my way through crowds of 45s to ding just before 9pm. I hearthed and trained. I will probably go back tonight and also see if anyone wants a level 44 priest for ZF. Probably not, but it is worth a try.

I have a ton of quests to go for STV and I have several Elite quests. This morning I tried 3 times to kill King Bangalesh. I just can’t do it without some potions or elixirs. The first time, I got him going pretty good until his backups came. When I ran back to rez, I noticed that his help were only level 33 non-elites. I figured, no problem. I put Corruption on one and King, and Pain on the other helper. I took down the one that would heal me as I hit him, and things were going along fine that way. I took down the other one in the same fashion, healing as I dealt damage. When I was ready to take down King, I was out of mana to keep putting up my bubble. I died again. My next try, I got the two helpers down after King called them, but he took down my bubble on a greater heal that was supposed to save my life, so I died. Time to go shopping or get some enchants on my stuff.


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    Here is what I did:
    I got onto the forums for my guild and put up a post about gear. I said that I was looking for a tailor to make me Shadow gear and was willing to pay for the mats. I sent him more than enough mats and a 5g tip. It cost me about 12g in the end, for an entire set, minus the mask.

    He can make me a new set in my 50s, too.


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