Ding 47: Yetis help pave the way

I hit 47 this morning after a couple more quests and a ton of grinding for the Rage Scar Yetis in Feralas. The drop rate for their Pristine hides is around 19% and I need 6 more for the quest. Alas, there was no good gear on the AH for me, so I’m on my way back for more hides. I managed to get a Perfect hide to drop, so I can turn that one in at the same time.
I guess everyone is back at work today. No one is taking my offers for LFG in more than 2 hours.


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    How do you like the new LFG thing? For me, It’s not worked once. Like you, I’d wait for hours and hours and eventually sign off because of the lack of response.

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    I like it a lot. It’s like an addon I used to have, calltoarms, except, it’s tailored for each instance, area, quest. I like that.

    I have had success with it, except those days when I’m on when no one else is. Yesterday was fine, after 2pm.

    I’ll be playing today after 3pm, so that should be pretty successful.

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    Maybe our server hasn’t quite caught on yet, because it’s never worked for me, yet. I have more success asking people in the trade channel, lol.

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