Deadr is halfway through level 48; attains Shadowform

I had quite a day today. I ground in Feralas, and moved on to the Thistlegrub elementals in Tanaris. It took 2 hours for a Dew Laden Gland to drop from a Dew Collector, but I had already dinged and used my point to get Shadowform. Cool!

Then I wasted the rest of the day in Maradon, but got some nice gear. I’m getting really confident with my healing now. I can sure save the day when I have enough mana. I’m getting good at fading and figuring out who to heal when things go bad. Those that die get pissed, but “oh well,” some people aren’t worth saving when it comes to keeping everyone else alive.

I hope you enjoy the pics. I increased my anti-aliasing setting on the second screenshot to 8x.


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