Ding!…Level 50 Is Mine!

I dinged level 50 after completing the chain of killing bloodpetal elementals in Un’goro, flying to Ratchet for Marvon’s Workshop, and killing one more dinosaur in Un’Goro. I hearthed to train and hit the hay. I updated my profile, so it’s just a matter of when the RPG server updates it.

I don’t know if this was stupid or not, but I’m rich, so oh well…I bought the book to train for Prayer of Fortitude for 2g. WOW!! 1 hour buff for only 1000 more mana, and I get to buff the whole party for twice as long. I LOVE it and can’t wait to try it!


  1. says

    Not a chance. I’d have to take 5 days off to do that. I’m averaging 8 hours per level my last few levels. I know it will vary a bit toward the end because of greater XP required, but kills also count for more at the end.

    My hope is to get into constant BRD/Strat/Scholo runs toward the end each evening and quest in EP/WP in the mornings.

    I will probably be 54 or 55 on the 16th. My wife comes first, and even though she knows I like the time to unwind and relax, we want to keep our time vs. game time in a good ratio.

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