Devout Set, or Not Devout Set; That Is My Question

I bought the Devout Bracers when I dinged 52 for about 10g. I couldn’t remember at the time which was Priest and which was Mage, so I also bought the Magister’s Bindings since they were on the cheap. I sold the Magister’s Bindings yesterday for 35g, a nice 12g profit.

Back to my point, I should be hitting 55-56 before the expansion comes out. With an experienced MC/BWL/Naxx guild, should I even bother running UBRS after UBRS after Scholo for my Devout set, only to eventually get full tier 3, 4, or 5 gear? Would Truefaith Vestments, and other craftable or buyable gear keep me too weak to be usefullĀ in a raid of that intensity level?

Don’t get me wrong, I will still be running those instances because they are fun, but they are a pain, when you have to run them over and over, knowing they are your only hope for a set piece to drop.

With Gitr, I had only gone into MC as far as Garr, and I never did get a chance to take down Ony, so the high-end raiding is completely foreign to me, as far as how gear affects your ability to contribute.


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    Nah. I would just worry about getting to 58-60, and get the gear in the Outland quests. It is 10x better than any of the Devout set.

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    That is so freaking awesome compared to my last guild. For those of you who don’t know, Aeigelus is my GM in Core, and I’d say getting to the point where I’d say, “my Dallas friend.”

    For the reasons on my gratitude for this attitude, see my last experience in a raiding guild:You’re Out!

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    My first set! The only complete set I have ever had was Gitr had the full set that the Stormwind guards wear. He was all decked out in blue. He is still missing the chest and helm for his Tier 0 set.

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