Level 10 Blood Elf Hunter Questline Walkthrough

I couldn’t find any quick information on who it is that starts the questline to tame my first pet, so I’m making it. I remembered that for my dwarf hunter, the trainer was not in Ironforge, so I figured that the trainer for Blood elves would not be in Silvermoon. Wrong.

Upon reaching level 10, hunters gain the ability to tame their pets, after completing a questline. The questline starts with Oninath in Silvermoon (84,26). He sends you to Farstrider Retreat to speak with Lieutenant Dawnrunner (60,63).

The kind Lieutenant sends you off to tame a Crazed Dragonhawk. I just ran out the door to the North and tamed one right away. Nice and simple. Run back and complete the quest to pick up a quest to tame an Elder Springpaw. I spotted a level 8 to the West of the Retreat and tamed it. The final taming leg is for a Mistbat. This one took some running. Follow the Dead Scar all the way to the border on the river. Staying on the East side, there are some mistbats on the other shore. I had to settle for a level 10 and tamed it (barely) to finish the questline.

I ran back to the Retreat and went on back to Silvermoon to do some pet training. When I went back out into the world, I tamed a level 9 Elder Springpaw and we can hunt without stopping. He has more HP than me and does about 11dps already.

Update with screenshots:

Due to the vast number of comments on this post and people e-mailing saying that I’m wrong, I re-rolled a hunter again and here is exactly what happens when you hit 10 as a Blood Elf hunter.

At level 10, I ran to Silvermoon and went to the above-mentioned location of Oninath. Lo! There is a ! above his head.

He offers me the quest in addition to his normal hunter trainer abilities.

Here is what the quest says to do:

Here is the lovely Dawnrunner at the above-mentioned location:


  1. says

    Training STARTS at level 10 – if you can’t get to level 10 as a hunter in under 2 hours, switch classes – because you will not enjoy it.

  2. HuntersHive says

    :)) Blood Elf – First. Troll next…. I have 1 question. In Durotar – Ogrimmar ( There’s a Hunter trainer “Thotar). This guy seems to give the taming quests. Now…If, for Lieutenant Dawnrunner you have to talk with Oninath, for Thotar with Who you have to speak?… P.S. I got my Troll first time to lvl 10 (Hunter OFC) but when I went to Thotar there was no quest… THX ! 😀

  3. says

    I still fail to see how your problems with the trainers is my problem. I’ve never played a troll. Move along to a troll site.

  4. ben says

    I will try it but i think the dragon hatchling is much better than the elder but thanks anyway

  5. DarKStaR says

    I actually picked the taming quest up straight from the Leiutenant Dawnrunner at Farstrider Retreat as I hit level 10 while handing some quests in there and just picked up all available quests.

    My guess is the people who can’t get the Quest from the Trainer in Silvermoon already have the quest from Farstrider Retreat, hence no quest to go talk to her as you already have ^^

    For Training pets, the pet trainer says your pet levels at half of your leveling speed, so doing the math, you get your first Talent point at level 10, the pets get their 1st Talent Point at level 20, make sense?
    As they level up the skills they have that they use in battle (claw, bite, growl etc) level up automatically when THE PET LEVELS, not the hunter.

    Hope this helps

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