Level 12 Blood Elf Paladin Quest Walkthrough

Once again, I’m writing another walkthrough for a class guide for Blood Elves, due to a huge void in the community, leaving everyone to fend for themselves and piece together the process. Here goes:

Knight-Lord Bloodvalor in SilvermoonFirst thing of note is that the paladin questline does not begin at level 10, as it does for every other class. It’s a level 12 quest, and it begins with Knight-Lord Bloodvalor in the paladin training room in Silvermoon (89.4,35.5). He sends you to a little island NE of Suncrown Village, called the Isle of Tribulations on a quest called The First Trial. On the island is a small cave with just a few wandering Nebulus Guards. You are to kneel at the brazier, meditating.

Blood Knight Sangrias Stillblade on the Isle of TribulationsDon’t even bother meditating, because in runs Blood Knight Sangrias Stillblade to kill you and see if you are Blood Knight material. Of course I am, as I killed him in about 12 seconds. I returned to Knight-Lord Bloodvalor in SM for more questing fun.

He admits to making me slay Stillblade and sends me to speak to Magister Astalor Bloodsworn below in the hidden chamber below. I couldn’t find a stairway down, so I jumped down the big hole in the floor in the level with the paladin trainers, avoiding the big, floating M’uru that the Blood Elves suck the life out of.

Magister Astalor BloodswornI found the Magister there and he had me fill a ‘Shimmering Vessel’ with the energy of M’uru right there. All you have to do is click the vessel in your bags to finish the quest. Give it back to Bloodsworn and go upstairs (now you’ll find the ramp to the surface) and speak to Bloodvalor again. Bloodvalor sends you to ressurect the very Blood Knight Stillblade that you slayed earlier.

Resurrect Sangrias StillbladeHe is in the Silvermoon Inn, which is NOT the inn near the entrance of SM. You need to go to the inn near the Royal Quarters. Upstairs you will find him on the floor, obviously dead. Use the vessel to bring him back to life. Upon doing so, he immediately wants some wine, but you can leave him to his own devices and return to Bloodvalor.

Once you return, he gives you the spell ‘Redemption,’ which brings a dead player back to life with 65 health and 120 mana. Resurrection FTW!!


  1. says

    @ray: Ok… Let’s see… I’ve paid over $300 to play WoW every month, and you are playing for free, and you want me to tell you how to keep playing the way you want to?

    How about you give me your name, address, phone number, and social security number, and after Blizzard gets some money from you, I’ll tell you how to keep going?

    Pay to play like a man, and I’ll help you out.

  2. Harasa says

    Thank you that was very helpful. It was step-by-step…and without your explanation, I wouldn’t have figured it out!

  3. Ankworath says

    I am already lvl 35 and I cant get the quest from Knight-Lord Bloodvalor. I am doing the adept training that he is also the quest giver for, but no other quests there. I am afraid that I accepted the quest at an early level but did something wrong along the way, like maybe deleted something or abandoning the quest somehow. Is this possible? What should I do?

  4. Kheloth says

    Ehhh it is some way broken now? Why I can’t get this quests? It was so awesome. Now we can just buy redemption in the trainer

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