Paladin Level 20 Quest; The Second Trial

I got to level 20 and was totally thrilled with the questline that I got to go through to get a new spell (which was kind of lame) and the start of a quest for a new forged Rare polearm. I can pretty much guarantee you that you will enjoy the quest called The Second Trial.

The Second Trial; BloodvalorFirst step: hit level 20. Duh! That’s what makes it a level 20 quest, but sometimes the obvious needs stating. Knight-Lord Bloodvalor once again sends you on your way to be tested, this time quite a bit closer. You need to travel back through the]Ruins of Silvermoon to the little building Northeast of the gate leading back to the newbie area.

Blood Knight BloodmournOnce there, you find a strapping Blood Elf called Master Kelerun Bloodmourn. He beckons you into the building behind him to touch a crystal in the middle, which will start your trial. Touch the crystal and see what happens. Have fun.

Oh, I’m just kidding you! Here’s what happens: you nearly get your butt handed to you by four, yes, 4, Blood Knights, who come at you one after another (thankfully not all at once). I mistakenly used Consecration on the first two. Don’t waste your mana. That spell takes you down to nearly half mana after them, and that’s really pressing your luck with your need to heal a time or two. I’d suggest bringing a healing potion to suck down just in case.

When you take down all of them, you get to go back to Bloodvalor to get Sense Undead and the instructions to begin collecting the mats for getting your Blood Knight weapon called the Blood Tempered Ranseur with a quest called The Path of the Adept. It is darn near 20dps and has paladin stats, making it a better choice than the Dar’Khan weapon, Sin’dorei Warblade, IMO, since you should easily be able to get the mats with just a little help from like-level guildies. I have read reports of soloing the mats collection with level 24-25 toons. If you get this weapon as a level 20-21, you are set for quite a few levels if you aren’t locked into using a shield.


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    Hee i got mine from a comment on BRK’s site……its like butter. Take awhile to load but is secure and allows more freedom. Not total…but what i can’t reach i don’t wanna.

  2. lance says

    Yeah I use the same one thank you borrodir it works awesome havent tried to get to everything but the sites I like to read at work it opens just fine.

  3. Pyralan says

    Can anyone tell me were to find the things in the dungeons cause i killed the 4 guys already but dont know were to find everything els.


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