Ding 23; Getting Forest Magic

I dinged 23 with Paladr last night and headed back to Stonetalon Mountains on my normal track using [tag]Joana’s Horde Guide[/tag]. It got my XP rolling again, so I’m happy that I’m still able to level like I should, though I’m thoroughly enjoying playing a healing tank. I’ve got my polearm skill maxed now and working on getting my 1H skills up again to use with my new shield. I’ve updated my profile, but I woke up late this morning and didn’t write down any of my new gear.

My happiest moment of the evening was right before I logged when I was mindlessly fighting Coursers (deer) on my way to Stonetalon Peak for a bunch of quests. First, a new Blue pike dropped off of one (sorry, check my bags for the name). It should sell for about 9g, putting me at 40g already. We discussed how many Blues have dropped. I said I’ve had about 6 drop so far with Paladr. I was mistaken, but it’s been 5 between Huntr and Paladr. I have such a hard time separating stuff like that, but at least I can separate what happens on which realms. 🙂

My second best moment last night was finally getting rid of those annoying buff bar/timers that are always appearing above my head, right over my target, when I engage them. It’s a mod called Chronometer, described as: timer bars for Skills, HoTs, DoTs and more. I HATE it. Well, at least I did before I knew what it was called to attempt to move it. I kind of do like its information, so maybe I’ll re-enable it tonight and move it below me.


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    I managed to complete the Forest magic last night befroe loggin off. I got 5 quests to turn in later. Man that wuest was annoying to say the least. I did like the run up into the hills above Windshear Crag to kill the mech/goblin dude. Nice view up there. Not enough of those types of fortresses in this game. I would have been pushin 20g by now but I am being lazy and skills cost too damn much. Money might pick up when i can reliable farm silk and mageweave…..maybe.

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    I’ve only got one gathering profession, Herbs with Huntr. The problem is that he leveled out of his herb areas and can’t harvest anything. I’ll need to pick things in the lowbie areas again. I’m just a tad under the things I’m seeing and can’t pick Briarthorn, Kingsblood, or Goldthorn. I think Mageroyal is my perfect level.

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    I switched to Nature’s Castbar (you can find it on curse), it has all the information and is moveable. I like it, but so far all the cast bar mods I’ve tried have been better than blizzard’s default.


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