Ding 24; Nice New Armor

I dinged 24 last night after completing [tag]Forrest Magic[/tag] and picking up the seeds in  Stonetalon Peak. I tried 4 times to kill [tag]Gerenzo Wrenchwhistle[/tag], but I didn’t have the healing potion to take him down. I’ve never seen him where he was and he had one of the guys that spawns a robot. It was all in the mechanics and strategy…I was playing stupid and with a nearly broken left hand.

Irritated, I ran off and turned in what I had completed, hearthed, flew to TB to get some nice armor and a nice, shiny 18dps blue mace for 7g. I also hooked him up with some more Hulking armor pieces, although my boots and gloves are already better than that set, I went for the shoulder and chest pieces. My leggings look totally…um…flamboyant, shall we say. I can’t wait to get some good pally gear that covers me up again. I went 3 levels refusing to get one set piece that looks like a loincloth and 2 mudflaps.

[tag]Beazel’s Basher[/tag]
Binds when equipped
Main-Hand Mace
32 – 60 Damage Speed 2.50
(18.4 damage per second)
+6 Strength
+2 Spirit
Requires Level 24

After all of that purchasing excitement (I had hit 40g before that, but scored big on nice purchases this morning for resale) I took the zep to UC and translocated to SM to pally train and get my Jewelcrafting Kit. DOH!! I was stuck at level 23 without being able to make anything other than wire. I got up to 25 and trained 2 new items. I think I’ll drop some money on getting my blacksmithing high enough to make an [tag]Iron Shield Spike[/tag] now that I have a kick-butt mace with 10 skill points. 🙂 My DPS with my MH mace or my uber quest reward Blood-Tempered Ranseur are identical with my STR/AP bonuses: 39.7 or so.

Just to brag a tad about the guy I took for a ride on the AH…I got 10 Core of Earths for 2g. Hehe.

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