Ding 66; Tons Done in Nagrand

Ding 66!It was quite a weekend. Here is a quick summary of my progress and an apology for not posting sooner:

Ding 66 – Got Shadow Fiend
Honored with Mag’har
Completed the entire Nesingwary questline with Zipthunk’s help
Logged about 20 world PvP kills, several 70s

With all of that to recap, we’ll see if I have time this sitting. I’m at home with the piano tuner dude because my wife’s work schedule changed. I’m making the most of my time. 🙂

Let’s see, Friday night, I started with a grouping with a 66 Druid that totally rocked until a few level 70 Alliance decided to make our lives miserable. The fun thing was that 2 of them weren’t enough when we were ready. They either waited until we pulled too many mobs or came in 3s… except one rogue who rocked our world. I’d go down first while low on mana, and then my poor buddy was singled out against a clear expert.


I spent most of my time Saturday just trying to kill things here and there and picking up quest items in Nagrand. Sunday morning was more of the same, with life as a 66 from the morning before to make me happier.

Things got rocking fun last night when I was on my way to Bloodripper’s area to look for help when I spotted a 66 BE hunter named Zipthunk killing the 2nd quest owls for the Nesingwary line. I greeted him and asked if he could help me with the elites if I helped him. He said he’d done all of the questline but would gladly help in exchange for healing with demon elites at Camp: Hate. Sure thing.


With that settled, we made quick work of Bloodripper and Bach’lor. We took care of his quest, twice (I didn’t realize I was ready for that quest, so when he turned it in, I picked it up), but we’d drawn attention from Alliance players several times. We eventually got done and agreed to take out any and all Alliance on sight and went on our way to find Banthar.

After about 15 PvP kills for us, we were ready to hunt down Tusker, but one of the guys we kept killing was hovering over Tusker on his flying mount… pissed. We figured that if he attacked in the middle of the fight, we ditch the elephant and go all out on his a$$. He never attacked, and I got my Nesingwary Safari Stick. Talk about an upgrade!

Nesingwary Safari Stick

One last picture for the day… my ride on a netherdrake for Survey the Land:

Riding on a Netherdrake


  1. Xial says

    Dude its looks like your enjoying your priest :). Keep having fun, im working on my pali… hopefully the first to 70, but i have a lonnnnng way to go.

  2. Xial says

    hey gitr do you play by your self and just find people to help you do quest and what not… or do you play with a group of friends?

  3. says

    I usually end up playing by myself because my guild of 130+ is almost exclusively 70s playing in the keyed instances. /sad

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