Ding 52; Huntr Is Back on “The Guide”

Huntr at 52 in Blasted LandsI hit level 52 last night while killing off massive quantities of Un’Goro critters. I just started the “Un’Goro Grind” and arrived at the FP before hearthing to TB to train up my skills. I got back on track with Joana’s Horde Guide and am back power-leveling. I hit level 51 last weekend with 4d 9h 56m and level 52 last night with 4d 14h 38m of /played time.

There is a gap there where I was crafting, auctioning, and just plain old having fun being 50 and totally unmotivated to do anything more in Tanaris involving robotic chickens, a giant tortoise, or bugs.

I upgraded my bow to a slower one, but one that packs a ton of punch, especially when I trip my BM crit-based talents.

I was remiss in mentioning that I tamed King Bangalash on Saturday, just hours before I spotted Grunter. He’s going to be a lot of work, and I haven’t decided if it is worth all of that painful leveling to have a white tiger at this point. I’ll tell you, he was a tough tame at 51 because of the adds. He got me down to about 5% and then turned on his buddies. LOL!

I have not spent the last 2 talent points yet. BRK? You out there? I’m full BM with 41 points, all the way down the tree.


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    Lol! I had the same experience when I tamed King B as well. I think I might even have been about the same level at the time, if not slightly lower. But yeah, they had me near death (I think I may have popped a health pot), and then I gave a good /cheer! when he turned on his helpers and we made it through, lol.

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    Oh, wow, I love your new theme. Glad to have you over here, Lassirra.

    It was getting so late, I’m not sure if I popped a health or not, but I’m thinking I was afraid that would break the tame, so I risked death. I named him OnceRoyalty. 🙂

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