Huntr Is Cooking Things Up

Hunter started two new hobbies on Saturday: Fishing and Cooking. He already had cooking up around 140, but that was purely from stuff that dropped with recipes on hand. Saturday I went after Cooking with a vengeance.

I started out with some recipes that took Tangy Clam Meat. Unfortunately, those are most often dropped by Giant Clams, which were really hard to find, except for some of the meat in the AH. After giving up looking for more meat, I started pursuing recipes using the databases. I looked up all the recipes for stuff between 150 and 225 to get me to the Artisan Cook in Gadgetzan.

I found recipes in Grom’Gol, Hammerfall, and Booty Bay that got me enough variety to scrounge up enough meat to cook up goodies. I used Tiger Meat, Raptor Flesh, Mystery Meat, and lots of eggs of various kinds. I finally got to 225 Cooking and finished the artisan quest.

On the fishing side, I hit level 50 in Thunder Bluff and Ratchet. I think I’ll stand on the docks at Ratchet unless I find some other 50-100 place that lets me catch debris or more valuable fish. That will take some research unless one of you knows better already.

My goal was to take a break from Un’Goro and level up those skills so I can take them into Outlands and not waste all of that money-making opportunity. Alchemy comes next, though I don’t know if I have the hootspah to level up Herbalism on Hunter. Gitr got up to 300, and that was rough. It sure is raw money, though.

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Phil says

    Well I was going to spend the weekend playing as much as possible, but then an old friend called. There is an annual softball tournament in my job and ammo troops from a bunch of bases come from all over to play. D-M in Tucson was hosting it this year, so I drove down to Tucson on Saturday and meet up with some people I had not seen in years, it was a really good time.

  2. Burpo says

    I had planned on starting a Troll Hunter but household chores, work, and keeping my other half happy, took precedence. Maybe there will be a window of opportunity for a few hours play one evening later this week. I’m actually hoping on bad weather so I HAVE to stay in!

  3. Lance says

    I got a little play time in this weekend, still running my warrior up to 70 he is about 3/4 the way to 66 right now. I’m trying to get to 70 so I can try and get my hunter there also.

  4. Burpo says

    The great news was that it poured with rain last night. That meant that Ecosse the Troll Hunter was born and, after 3 hours of axeage and bowage, is mid-way through 8. Where should I be to get to 10, and therefore pet-age, as quickly as possible? I’m going to take your earlier advice of getting a cat. Where are the level 10 cats for taming?

  5. says

    Level 8-10 is a speed run of quests in Durotar. You should not leave Durotar until around level 12 in order to complete as many quests as possible there. Have you done all of the Razor Hill quests or been to Echo Isle off the coast yet?

    If you absolutely must get a cat right away, there are Savannah Huntresses on the way to XRs, but you’ll have to do a lookup to see how low they are. They’re somewhere around 10-12, if I remember right.

  6. Burpo says

    Thanks. I’m in at Razor Hill/Echo Isles now – I just wondered if there was somewhere else I would be better off visiting. Thanks again for the pointers.

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