Ding 53; Can’t Stop Fishing

Well, I’ve taken quite a break on leveling lately. I just couldn’t get into the “grind” of questing this week. I’ve been too busy cooking and fishing. I have been looking at Nat Pagel’s fishing rod in my bags for weeks and finally got fed up with my cooking skills to the point where I did something about it.

I’ve got my Cooking up to 285 and my Fishing up to 162. I can fish up in NE Ashzara with the right lures, so that’s cool to be able to fish where I can kill things for XP.

This morning I dinged 53 with 5d 3h 6m /played time and put my third point in MM with 3/5 Lethal Shots (thanks Excaliber).

Fishing on a boat

I’m going to log in now and see about catching some rare fish for the STV Fishing Extravaganza, even though I’m not high enough skill to turn in the reward for winning. I’ll put up pictures later.

Class is out until the 28th when I take on two English courses (Technical Writing and Modern Novel) to round out my very full life. I’m waiting very impatiently for my grade to post from Thursday’s final class.


  1. says

    LOL. I topped out at 180 falling asleep last night. Phil was still going strong, though.

    I got on a windrider to Un’Goro to ride into Silithus tonight (I fell asleep at my desk this morning instead of playing) and start some quests there. I’m not sure if I can get the Sandworm Meat recipe quest yet or not. I found 6 or 8 of the meat on the AH last night and decided to head there instead of Winterspring.

    My immediate fishing goal is to get up to 200 and go into Winterspring to fish in the hot springs with my +25 rod an a +100 lure. I won’t care as much about leveling fishing as I will the fish that come out.

  2. Burpo says

    In between keeping the kids happy(ish), I managed to find an extra couple of hours this weekend to get Ecosse the Troll Hunter up to 12! He now has a loyal cat called Paws (I know, not very original). One thing I’ve noticed is the total dirth of low level bows – I checked the AH and could only find a level 8 bow and then it jumped to a purple level 48. One of the last quests I completed in Durotar had a choice melee weapons as a reward, but no axes (my other weapon of choice). Due to racial abilities (if I remember correctly) I’m going to stick with bows and axes – is that the right choice to start with?

    I’m really enjoying the Hunter class – I have another couple of hours set aside after work this evening. Who knows, I may even make 13 by close of play!

  3. says

    Yay for 12, Burpo!

    As for green bows, I’m getting foggy on low level rewards, but then again, my last 2 hunters were Belfs and may have had different options. I know that there are some kick-butt bows in Ghostlands, but you’d have to check Huntr’s archives to find it. Other than that, go to the Armory and click what bow you have and click the link that’s something like “find me an upgrade.” That will show you bows better than yours and how to get them. Pretty slick.

    I use anything that has AGI or Attack Power bonuses for weapons. I’m skilled up in swords, daggers, and axes. Basically, if you have to swing a weapon, you did something wrong. 🙂 When I get a couple more levels on me, I’m going to start whacking the Servants in Blasted Lands to skill up all my weapons, even guns and x-bows to prepare me to accept any reward in Outlands without feeling gimped with a low skill.

    What realm are you on, again? My AH is scarce, too, but not that bad.

  4. lance says

    Did Phil tell you why he was on for so long? His brand new XBOX 360 Elite will only show black and white no color. He was pissed.

    Burpo if I were you I would make my way to ghostlands and start questing there the bow you get when you kill Darh kan is amazing for the level.

  5. AimedShot says

    From 10-30 there are green bows for sale as some of the “Bowers” in the main cities. They are on timers so you may have to check back from time to time. Allakhazam has a bows, guns, and crossbows chart with the source vendors to make it easy.

    At level 51, there is a battlegrounds quest reward for winning Alterac Valley called Bloodseeker. It’s over powered until 60. Of course, its a tough decision to take it or the Ice Barbed Spear.

  6. Burpo says

    Gitr – I’m on Quel’Thalas, a European realm.
    I’ll check out the armory and see where it points me.
    Thanks again for everyone’s help – much appreciated.

  7. Burpo says

    Between household chores, I managed to get within touching distance of 14 last night. A better bow and axe dropped from a couple of Raptors in the Barrens. What Raptors need with an axe or a bow I’ll never know. Just before I had hit 13, I spotted a rare level 13 cat called Dishu on my radar. I didn’t get close enough to see how he differed from his cat pals. By the time I got to 13, I headed back to tame him, but someone else had tamed (or killed) him in my absence.

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