Ding 300 Cooking

Cooking Skill boxMy first toon to 300 Cooking EVER! I finally found a fishing hole that gave up 12 Raw Sunscale Salmon in a few minutes… in Felwood. It wasn’t a huge fishing accomplishment until I realized that Sunscale Salmon were on my list of cookable fish. The 2 lures I went through got me 5 Electric Eels, 4 Blackmouth, 12 Salmon, and some potions.

After I had enough to almost guarantee hitting 300, I ran up the hill to the campfire and started cooking away.

Skill = 300

This was only possible through Fishing, which accounted for the last 25 points of skill for items that were just not available on the AH on Velen. That made the Fishing effort worth it. I ended the night early with 192 Fishing, I believe. Now I’m off to kill Timbermaw enemies to get through the pass a little easier to get the Owlbeasts. I ran it successfully once, but I’m too lazy to run back from the Irontree area to the flight point and fly to Winterspring. Rep is good anyway. I’m only a few kills or one quest away from Unfriendly.

Tree in Felwood

I got all of my Blood Ambers up North and logged while killing the last of the Grizzlies that I needed and just got too tired to go on. Long, satisfying days at the office will do that to you.

Huntr at 53 in combat


  1. says

    It’s a book. I believe the order for all the secondary professions are:

    1-150: trainers
    150-225: book
    225-300: quest from a trainer (you must be level 35 AND exactly 225 skill first)

  2. lance says

    Do you know where I can get the book I thought it might be but I couldn’t find it on the AH is there a vendor that sells it?

  3. says

    It’s from one of the harder to get places when you’re a lower toon. I can’t remember, but it’s in the databases. I think it was Mojache or Desolace or Hammerfall… somewhere far.


    WoW Forums -> Cooking Trainer 150+World Of Warcraft … Where can I train after I reach 150? … For Horde, the Cooking book is sold by Wulan, at Shadowprey Village in Desolace. …

    I’d say it is Wulan. 🙂

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