Ding 55; Winterspring or WP/EP?

Huntr dinged 55 last night in Winterspring looking for my second Pristine Yeti Horn to drop. It finally did as I hit 8.7% of the way through the level. He did it in 5d 17h 9m /played time. Now I just can’t decide where I want to quest for the next level, because going between the 2 continents sucks. I just hit Honored with Everlook, giving me straight Honored with the Steamweedle Cartel.

My goals before Outlands at 58:

  • Get Fishing to 300.
  • Get Herbalism up to 300.

That’s it. Small goals, but very annoying to do. Fishing is at 207, I think, and Peacebloom is still a green when I find it. I think Huntr is at 72 Herbalism.

What are your alts’ goals before Outlands?


  1. phil says

    My only goal currently is to make it to 60. I will fight my altism with all I have. I think I will shoot for 25 this weekend. I just need to figure out where to go after Ghostlands that isn’t Stonetalon.

  2. AimedShot says

    I rerolled… a Druid last week on a new server. Level 1-30 in one week. It’s like a breath of fresh air. New friends, etc. The goal is 70, with a feral and healing set, PVP, Kara before expansion. πŸ™‚

  3. Nick says

    I rolled a Warlock, and am now playing her at all times, unless I want money.

    My goals are to hit 300 mining, and 300 tailoring.

    I’m sitting at 95 mining, and 225 tailoring, while at level 26. The tailoring thing is possible, and as long as I’m consistent with mining, I can do that as well.

  4. Ogga says

    My alts goals: Mining and cooking to 300 before lvl 58. That was about it. I flirted with getting exalted with Org for the wolf mount for my Paladin, but just can’t see burning the time/cash for that runecloth nor get up the desire to run low level quests. Result was a green bird. Man that is one sexy bird. Going to miss it when I get my 2 flying mounts. Anywho, lvl 63 and climbing.

    Dragonblight Horde
    Grim Promise

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