Moving on to Silithus; Almost 56

Huntr at 55I did my own thing for a while (basically Felwood and Winterspring) and want to get back on track. I dusted off my Joana’s guide and saw that I had automatically done all the quests I was supposed to do. Maybe not in his optimized order, but I’m not wandering around lost.

I am picking the trail up at Silithus.

One of my highlights includes taking down Ursius solo as a 56 Elite to hang over my mantle.

Killed Ursius solo

I started on several of the quests in Silithus, but work drew me away at 95%. I decided groceries over game. It should only take me 20 minutes to ding tonight.


  1. lance says

    Yeah that guy killed me so often I think I will go back and kill later though it sounds like fun.

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