Ding 57; Outland Gear Again

Huntr at 57Although much more sparse, Huntr has started to don Outland gear that drops from Hellfire Ramparts and will be joining those battles very very soon, hitting Level 57 with 6d 4h 53m /played time. Last night, I killed High Chief Winterfall (59 Elite) in an uber solo battle on my first try. I’m going to complete Linken’s questline, for sure, before I enter Outlands.

I will probably be able to level out without too much time spent in the dreaded Eastern Plaguelands, but we’ll have to see how Winterspring and Silithus play out.


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    Silithus should do you up pretty well. Tons of “kill” quests – good xp from the mobs and reasonable xp from the quests themselves. I bounced between Silithus and Outland at 58 and dinged 60 in record time.

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    I’m not sure I have much left was the problem in my mind. I have already done everything up through finding Nogginfogger’s pack and killing Deathclasp. He might fall now that I’m 57. I just couldn’t follow Joana’s method of soloing him successfully. Doh!

    I might be ready to xfer Deadr over now, but I’ll have to clear that with K first. I don’t really want to blow my Paypal dough that’s going for the new ‘puter system for a toon xfer, ya know?

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    I had a toon or two suited up to transfer over with you guys – but I believe your new server is west coast or something isn’t it?

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    Yeah. It’s California… I wish there was a server located in the middle of the Atlantic so I could play with the young folks who don’t have bedtimes. I’m too old to stay up all night to run instances.

    I checked Silithus, Tomas. Not much left for me to do. I tried Deathclasp again. Ouch. I need to level Tiggr some more first. His leveling goes slower when I get all my XP from quests.

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