Ding 58!! Went Through the Dark Portal

I dinged 58 after relenting to mass-grinding Timbermaw rep near Timbermaw hold in Felwood last night. I had 38% to go, and I was taking on 4-6 mobs at a time between levels 54 and 57. It took me about 43 minutes to ding. I exitedly hearthed to Org, got one more piece of Outland gear from the AH and rode to the Zeppelin Master to fly to Grom’gol. I flew to Stonard and rode to the portal.

I got my standard portal screenshots, but the Internet was down at home this morning, so I’ll have to visually brag later. I went to Thrallmar and started the first 3 quests. I completed the scrap wood and scrap metal quest and opted for the mail piece that replaced a leather rather than the awesome leather piece that trumped my current mail piece. I just can’t remember which slot was which. My profile has it, though.

I’m going to do my darndest to hit 60 this weekend. My wife is off tomorrow, though, so that rules out playing all morning tomorrow. It should only take 4-5 hours to wrap up the 50s.

As soon as I hit 60, I’m going to play Ramparts until I have all the pieces. I’m determined to get the rep that I can’t get outside of the instances with Deadr now that I’ve completed all the quests. I read that you have to do the instance honor first, because the quests will always reward reputation, but the mobs in Ramparts stop at a certain point. Now I only get credit for the boss fights.


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