Ding 27; Blacksmithing up to 225/225

I dinged last night with the help of Punitor running some tough-to-do quests as a paladin. I got Steelsnap and the 30 Elite gizmo tiger and the 10 eggs before logging.

I got my blacksmithing up to 225 and topped it off until level 35. I think I’ll start recruiting 60+s before I head back onto Huntr for long-term leveling. I’d like to get Paladr to 35 to craft Huntr great gear and for money-making. That will give me a 350+ Tailor, Enchanter, Blacksmith, and 2 First Aids at 375. Oh, and Huntr’s cooking is around 330.

Time to get back to work now that I restored the blog, sans plug-ins.


  1. Phil says

    I have been pondering what to say in the Guild Recruitment channel. I thought something like this and then I would make a macro or something, let me know what you think.

    Lady’s and Gentlemen of Azeroth and Dark portal communities: The most awesome guild you have never heard of is now recruiting. The Buttered Monkeys, a Family friendly guild is looking for causal to semi-hardcore players to join the fight.
    PST for details or apply at https://www.gitrsblog.us/butteredmonkeysforum/

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