Ding 32; Soloed 37 Nimar the Slayer at 31

Last night, I didn’t think it could get any better when I soloed 5 like-level and higher mobs in Arathi Highlands. There were 2 31s, 2 32s, and a 33. I was so stoked, I challenged Level 37 Punitor to several duels outside Org… and proceeded to lose every one of them, though not by much on two of them.

5 Down!

I was mistaken about how cool that was, when I was quest/grinding this morning before work in a mad effort to ding 32. I went to Witherbark Village in Arathi Highlands. While beating on an Axe Thrower, I aggroed a named gray, Nimar the Slayer. Oops. He is a level 37. I killed the firstmob, but there was no recovering from the beating Nimar was putting on me.

Flee, drink, arrogantly go for it mano y mano.

Nimar the Slayer fightAfter 2 minutes, he started to look seriously beatable. He no longer had that cocky look on his face that he started out with. It was a simple, but conscious task of keeping SoC up while having a Judgement of Light burning into him. Every so often I’d get a nice Reckoning from my 4% talent (now 6%) to knock off a new more points. Every 20-40% health, I’d heal and watch my mana. I cast Consecration several times, but its heavy mana cost kept it at a minimum in case I needed to keep healing. In the end, I rock.

Nimar the Slayer dead


  1. phil says

    What no pics of my awesomeness? Just kidding, good job on downing that 37. Anytime you want to test your skills again let me know, Iā€™m sure I will be eating crow soon enough as a consequence of my smack talk. šŸ™‚

  2. Lance says

    Congrats that is awesome. what kind of looty goodness did he drop probably hunter loot so if you want to send it to me that would be sweet. J/K oh i finally posted to my blog if you want to read it.

  3. says

    Phil… LOL, no.. I was too busy trying to whack your head off with my sword to get a capture. I’ll have plenty of leisurely time to snap pics of your losses in a couple of levels. šŸ™‚

    Lance – He dropped a cloth headpiece that I put up on the AH for 2g20s. My Auctioneer refuses to remember the prices for any scans, so it doesn’t do any good for estimating the sale price. I should just send everything to Bankr and use WoWecon for him. That was the memory hog… to the tune of about 70Mb worth.

  4. Lance says

    Dang that is heavy. I have a question is Igors mass auction acting wierd for you. when I installed it it put the tab directly over the top of another tab and there is no button to put everything up on the AH. I wish that my warrior could take down things 6 levels above me and elite it would be awesome.

  5. says

    While the tab is not in the same location for all of my toons, it’s not conflicting with any others for me. I have no problem with one-click posting, though the prices don’t show up without WoWecon.

    Be mindful, though, he was a gray elite, not a true elite. They normally only have more HP and better loot, if more HP at all. I say “any 3 minute fight you walk away from is a good fight.”

  6. Lance says

    Well there is a grey Elite in silithus that was like 8 levels lower than me and he still owned me, I was pissed and when I came back to try again someone had already ended his life.

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