Brewfest Is Underway, and Paladr Joined In

Brewfest outside Orgrimmar

I upped my graphics last night for some anti-aliasing 2xQ on my ancient nVidia 5500. It slowed things down to about 8 fps, but I got nicer screenshots last night and object seem to “pop” a bit more.

We went to Orgrimmar to run around doing some Brewfest festivities (I keep trying to call it “Beerfest”) and see if this new generation of festivals catches my interest more than the others. I don’t have a single item from any rep/ticket hording (pun intended).

We did the first ram run to get the deliveries from the road to Razor Hill, but I ran out of time doing the Dhrone’s Barking ram run. I got to all 4 flags and the timer ran out just outside the entrance to Org. I figured out a better path to take and should get it tonight.

Paladr with a Scarlet BeltFor some PvP fun, as I ran out of Org, an Alliance 35 Warrior flagged me for a duel. I darn near had him several time. I swear he popped a potion because a warrior should not be able to regen health that fast. I had him down to 10% a couple of times. Dishonorable warriors are the worst.

We bought a Scarlet Belt off the AH last night and got a hankering for doing some SM runs with the guildies, even if we won’t finish it or need to fill out with a PuG. Lance, Phil? You in? I need more Scarlet gear, guys. I’m sure we can handle the Graveyard, and I think we can get a decent amount into the Armory with a main healer. I can stinking tank anything right now, as long as I can keep my health up, which is a tad hard when taking so many hits. WTB a Priest or Shaman. 🙂


  1. says

    Hey Gitr,

    Well if the Warrior did sneak a pot in there somewhere, you would have been well within you’re rights to /spit !

    Not tried the brewfest stuff yet- looks fun.


  2. says

    I seriously doubt he was able to withstand 4 Consecrations, my SoC, and fight thru my added HP from JoL. That had to add at least 600-1000HP to my total while he didn’t get to add any. I’m twinked, and there is no way a 35 has that much more health to pull from…

    I am a level 60 warrior, too, with over 20 days of /played time. You just don’t fight a pally, especially one who can take down a 37. 🙂

  3. lance says

    He may have had Last Stand that would give him health really quickly. I would be down for a SM run but you know the wifey situation sorry guys.

  4. says

    I’m holed up in UC making a killing on the AH for now. I made 28g today and put up another 60g in new auctions. I’ll be ready to go when you are. We’ll PuG if we have to.

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