Ding 36; Scarlet Monastery Tankadin Time!

Clean UIFirst thing’s first: I cleaned up my UI after I realized that there was still too much stuff in my field of vision. I hate the feeling of numbers everywhere, information blocking my view of potential threats, etc. I moved the minimap up to the top corner again and dropped my second chat window into the bottom bar, the damage meter and threat meter only come out to play in groups now, and things look a lot cleaner. I even changed the Scrolling Combat Text to arc so the Consecration damage didn’t run right up the middle over all the action. It was going to be too distracting while tanking.

Punitor meets DeadrI met up with Deadr to drop off some cool items to Punitor in Undercity. It was his first time meeting Deadr, so I went for maximum effect and mounted up. He’s started a blog now, so go check it out. He’s doing a fine job and will be covering all things Warlock. It just so happens that he got his first world epic drop, and he can’t use it. I answered his blog trivia correctly, so he is sent his GM (/hi) a brand new Ardent Custodian, which I even have to level up 2 more levels to use.

On to the good stuff. I was about to log out last night when I was at the mailbox in Org and got a whisper if I wanted to tank SM. Sure, but not the whole stinking thing at 11:00 at night, so I asked how much of it. The reply came back that they wanted to run the library but still needed a tank. Summon me. 🙂 Here was our group:

SM Group

I had a blast. It was not hard at all to keep aggro as long as I consecrated enough with Blessing of Sanctuary and had Righteousness up for extra threat. Notice the level 40 mage… he wasn’t even breaking aggro when I was hitting the same thing he was. He must have had a threat meter up. It was a great group… until someone let a monk run in and fetch Arcanist Doan while we were in the middle of a big fight with 5 mobs. I popped my only Superior Mana potion I had and Consecrated, Judged Light on him, and hoped that created enough threat on him and kept me alive in case the priest ran out of mana permanently. A very hairy 137 seconds later, everyone wearing silly red mail and robe was dead, and we had 5 cheering Hordies. Too bad he dropped a useless Hypnotic Blade. I reset the damage meters after someone asked to see the damage because it was still reporting my last 5 days of fighting. Here is the last hallway’s stats:

Damage done

Damage taken


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    So far the most I’ve solo tanked around my level is 6 with an average of 17 per tick. 6×17=102dps at level 36. Add a couple of Judgements of Crusader, Retribution Aura, and Blessing of Sanctuary, and I’ve got a good hold on aggro, bro. It’s really fun.

    At one point in SM, I was tanking about 10 mobs with just a couple getting away to go after the priest… of course, if she’d have stopped bubbling me… ’nuff said.

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    Terrific! Does that mean Deadr has a level 70 tanking buddy at his disposal now? I’ve got class tonight, but I’ll be on after 7:00 server time.

    My laptop crapped out on me because the power brick no longer gets the juice to the battery. I’m dead in the water at school until I get a new brick or a new laptop.

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    Oh that sucks about the brick. Yeah a tank at disposal. as of when I came to work tonight the transfer had not completed so hopefully in the morning.

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