Ding 38; Herod’s Shoulder + Ardent Custodian

Paladr at 38 with Ardent CustodianAfter running SM Library and Armory last night, Paladr dinged AOE grinding murlocs in STV this morning. Last night saw the much-drooled about Herod’s Shoulder, which I was the only person emminantly qualified to wear such an awesome piece of armor. At times, we had 7 mobs all over the place, with 5 of them generally hitting me. The mage had no concept of waiting for me to get some damage in before tossing a Fireball or Arcane Missles into the mix. At the beginning, the priest thought that she should be the one to pull, because of her range. “Hello! I have Mana Tap! Watch me pull… you stand back and keep me alive.” We had no combat-related deaths, but the shaman was unable to run out of the Library through the mass of repops. At least it was his idea to just run. šŸ™‚ Here is how my run stacked up as a level 37 tankadin, leaving me one conclusion: I can tank, and I can heal. Those are my roles in-game. Luckily, Huntr just has to do damage, and his build and gear lets him do just that.

Damage Done

Damage Taken

I was beating Punitor until he put his game face on toward the end… like the last hall. Keep in mind, he’s level 42 :). Boo yeah! He did an excellent job not getting whacked by doing too much damage, so /salute.

Then, this morning, by dinging 38, I was able to equip my enchanted Ardent Custodian. I started leveling up my mace skill from 140 and got it to 149 in one minute. I think I’ll be okay running SM again tonight like this. We’re using the same group and going for the Library to finish our quests.


  1. lance says

    Very nice The shoulders are my are my personal goal for my warrior just cause they look cool. also I have no idea what I did wrong but my transfer hasn’t gone through and it said it was only a 1 hour wait time on approval. but maybe he will show up by the end of the weekend.

  2. says

    Both of those look awesome, grats. So I was always trying to target what you were attacking was that the right tactic? I will agree that I should have been doing the most DPS since Iā€™m 42, but also taking the least damage seems pretty cool. I did that with out a threat meter as well. I started spamming Shadow bolt towards the end šŸ™‚

  3. says

    Those two pieces looks awesome! I remember when I was doing SM maybe 20 times in a row just to get those shoulders. All that seemed to drop was those damn gloves..=)

  4. says

    I’m really wanting to get the shield that drops in Cathedral. There’s another one in RFD. Of course, an epic world drop is always welcome. I think it’s called The Green Tree.

  5. lance says

    The Green Tower is the name and it is an awesome sheild for its level. And Herod as dropped it before also Commander Mograine and High Inquisitor Whitemane

  6. says

    Yes that would be sweet and then I could get Herods Shoulder for my Warrior eventhough they are something like 35 levels to low for him but it would look cool.

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