Ding 39; Grinding away kill/drop quests

Paladr hit 39 last night and frantically tried to level out his Blacksmithing to 300 using the simplest and cheapest methods possible, only to fall short of the next recipe level at the trainer. I think Paladr is at 272 and must need 275 to get the next round in Booty Bay.

I started investigating the specializations and decided to go with Armorsmith and was moderately disappointed to learn that I have to hit level 40 for those recipe quests to become available. I have stored up most of the crafted items used to receive those Ornate Mithril Armor pieces, which I am obviously eager to don at level 40 anyway. I have some nice stuff crafted already, but I can’t wait to see what kind of beating Paladr will take with plate armor.


  1. Nick says

    Just so you know, Armorsmith may seem good in the beginning, but as you reach the higher levels, and eventually 375, the best thing out of it is a DPS chest. You probably already knew that, but just saying. =D

  2. says

    I saw the items for both specializations and rationalized that I’ll be able to get good weapons drops all over the place, but armor is more luck of the draw on getting the right class/slot.

    Is that a bad tactic?

  3. Runnik says

    I was lazy as hell when I was leveling up. I remember not even working on my skinning or LW until I was level 70. When I was 60 and the patches came out to prepare the world for BC, I remember a friend of mine send me to wowhead to show me the new 375 Tribal LW set: Windhawk. It was beautiful if you haven’t seen them yet. So yeah, when I hit level 70 I spent a good month leveling my skinning from about 250 to 375, and my LW from somewhere around 68 to 375. I spent most of my time at the AH buying the cheapest leather available and it worked until I hit level 275. Got stuck there because the mats for the patterns became so damn expensive. I grinded it out to about 340, made 10 riding crops and hit 350. Then (this is where it gets tiring) I spent 3 days farming Black Morass in the Caverns of Time. The instance only takes a good 30-45 minutes to complete if you have an alright group. These 3 days I was running BM for 8hours each. The plan was to reach exalted because then I could buy a pattern that takes extremely cheap mats and grind my last 10 levels out. The only problem was that once I hit 375 LW it took a good 3-4 weeks before I had finally farmed out the mats for the Windhawk set… It was worth it.

  4. says

    The only thing I’ve done to 375 so far is First Aid. Everything else has been too expensive. Tailoring is close, but I can’t justify the mats pre-70 when I can’t wear anything I make and it’s just going to get vendor trashed.

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