Didn’t Make 40 Yet; New Theme

I didn’t get to play last night because of a massive amount of school work. I deferred working on school during our vacation last weekend (hey, you only get a first wedding anniversary once!) and had to play catch-up. The price I had to pay was writing a 2 page analysis on a sucky website in the library two hours before class. That was just Tuesday!

Last night, I still had to read 80 very dense pages of Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying to write my weekly 3/4-page critical analysis; for the 6th week without any feedback from the full-doctorate professor. Who knows how I’m doing?! The grades aren’t posted online, she hasn’t given us the papers or the grades, and she was only available to fix her mistake of leaving the papers at home last week during lunch hours Monday and Wednesday. Hello! Some of us have full-time jobs. That’s why we’re taking night classes!

I’m almost done working on a new theme that I found by a terrific web designer. I have every confidence that when it’s completely Gitr-ized, you will love the new feel and tell more of your friends. It is by far the most superior theme I’ve seen available to the public and should really get a foothold on the community. Stay tuned in the next couple of days.

UPDATE: Giving the theme a trial run until I get home from class.  Please leave feedback.


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    New theme…!

    Ah every time you mention a change I always reconsider hosting my own site but I know I don’t have that extra cash to do it just now…maybe next year…

    Looking forward to seeing in J…congrats on your anniversary!

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    Thanks, DM. We had fun. It was our second resort stay. I’d never stayed at a resort before last May when I went with her family for her graduation present.

    My favorite line: “Charge it to my room!” /gulp

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    Yay, im in my freshman year of college and it does blow sometimes. But im not doing to bad! Im glad your changing the them, not to be a meanie, but this one just wasnt doing it for me. Hit 40 and get that free mount 🙂

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    Thanks for the feedback. I’m always looking for what people think, and if something’s bothering you, always feel free to drop a line.

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    Where are you going? I think it’s great that WoW has so many college students and working guys.

    I’ve got 63 hours and have 9 more semesters to go at my current “as work allows” pace. If I take both summer sessions every year, I’ll be done in 3 years, along with you.

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    Mmmmm Level 40, Juicy Plate and a 90s mount. Very cool. I dinged 60 lastnight on Gawdsicon, I can start my epix mount quests now….but first a trip to the Darnassus Mount Vender to gets me a kitty. Yeah, I spent a day last weekend blasting thorugh the Night elf areas to get my rep to Exalted. I was already deep into revered somehow. Got exalted after just barely touching the ashenvale quests. Sometime before last weekend I hit exalted with Stormwind too. I think the buffs to rep rewards a few patches ago are the cause. Hell im close to revered with AD if not already there, goto love the rep kills in Sholo ans Strat. I can buy a horse or a kitty. I’m goin with the kitty till I get my Charger. I’ve run Ramparts several times, pugs and guild sponcered, and outfitted my pally with 6 blues from there including the awesome Hellreaver polearm. I have seen teh awesome news about the heroic keys only requiring honored in the 2.3. Which means I can start questing in the outlands. Its time for me to start to farm the mats for my Epix Engineering mount too, plus some extras to make a nice profit when metals skyrocket after the patch.

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    Im going to a college called Macon State College, plan on doing 2 years there and 2 at Georgia State University. Im currently taking 13 hours and work 4 hours a day. The rest is study and computer fun!

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