Didn’t Make 40 Yet; New Theme

I didn’t get to play last night because of a massive amount of school work. I deferred working on school during our vacation last weekend (hey, you only get a first wedding anniversary once!) and had to play catch-up. The price I had to pay was writing a 2 page analysis on a sucky website in the library two hours before class. That was just Tuesday!

Last night, I still had to read 80 very dense pages of Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying to write my weekly 3/4-page critical analysis; for the 6th week without any feedback from the full-doctorate professor. Who knows how I’m doing?! The grades aren’t posted online, she hasn’t given us the papers or the grades, and she was only available to fix her mistake of leaving the papers at home last week during lunch hours Monday and Wednesday. Hello! Some of us have full-time jobs. That’s why we’re taking night classes!

I’m almost done working on a new theme that I found by a terrific web designer. I have every confidence that when it’s completely Gitr-ized, you will love the new feel and tell more of your friends. It is by far the most superior theme I’ve seen available to the public and should really get a foothold on the community. Stay tuned in the next couple of days.

UPDATE: Giving the theme a trial run until I get home from class.  Please leave feedback.


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    Oh yeah. I hadn’t updated the page, just the sidebar. Thanks for catching that.

    Thanks for checking out the theme so thoroughly.

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