Ding 40!

Paladr wears platePaladr hit 40 just before 11:30 tonight. It was a pretty fast run from 60% at about 90 minutes. I knocked out quite a few STV quests in the process. Too many quests in the log make me go nuts and lose focus. I concentrated on staying in mostly high density areas to power grind and combined that with some drop quests like the crystals off the basilisks. It made for a pretty good combination and I flew to Grom’gol for the zeppelin to Undercity.

I hadn’t been to Silvermoon for about 20 levels, so I wasn’t even sure if there was a level 30 paladin quest, so I made sure to go there instead of using any old trainer. I didn’t see any quests from the usual suspects in SM City. Getting that over, I started going down the list of spells to train (actually, I started with wearing Plate Mail) and got to Summon Warhorse!Summon Warhorse Yes! Just what I’ve been waiting for. The next stop: Auction House.

I checked my bank and mailbox to make sure I didn’t have any plate armor sitting around that I’d forgotten about. My only disappointment of the night, armor-wise, is the lack of mats to craft some Truesilver Gauntlets. Too bad we don’t have a decent AH market on Velen. It’ll get there, but not fast enough for my gloves. I got all stacked up with various plate armor available to newbie 40s, which are insanely overpriced for the good armor because of everyone’s excitement to wear plate at level 40.

All in all I got Paladr’s armor up over 4k and his damage mitigation (yes, I can spell better than the crappy paladin guide up on the forums) rose to 51.48% the last time I looked. I didn’t get a chance to try out my new spells, but riding around the city on my new mount was fun enough for the evening.

Paladr's Warhorse


  1. says

    It really feels good to mount up that first time… the thrill of the whinney as they appear and the clop clop of their hooves.

    I actually thought after I got the spell to summon the warhorse, “Now how does the bird livery person outside the gates know that I get a horsie?” LOL. I was tired.

  2. lance says

    I also got my Mount and what kinda mats you need for the Truesilver Gauntlets cause I probably have it in Drow’s Bank just let me know.

  3. says

    I bid on Guardian Gloves. They are crafted leather and no one is posting them. I’ll let you know if I get them. They weren’t available for buyout.

    I got another epic today. Post pending.

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