Name That Epic; I Must Be Pitiful

Paladr's new toyI crapped myself today. I was a tad embarrassed, but I got over it. Story time…

Thursday when I was done with all of my graphics stuff for the new theme, I started looking [read: drooling] over epics at or around level 40 that would go along with my being a tankadin.

I eventually found a nice shield that made up for the one Horde can’t get from an easy Badlands quest. I was quite pissed about that inequality, so I began drooling over an epic that appeared in the Armory upgrade search: The Green Tower. Anyone look at this one before? Wow! I can’t wait to get smacked by 7 things at once now. I still have yet to get ganged up since I got my plate gear, so I think it’s time to go after some spiders in Duskwallow Marsh.

Soooo… I was on the AH and confirmed that I still couldn’t craft what I wanted, buy what I wanted, or sell what I wanted. as far as armor goes. Moving on down to shields, up pops the Green Tower for 100g and a confirmed Auctioneer average of 119g on Velen. Um… hold on, Punitor, brb. Deadr has to buy me something. I can’t believe I was so happy about a little purple thing made up of ones and zeroes, but I was.

Have you ever had an epic weapon and shield pre-60 at the same time? Me neither.


  1. lance says

    hey just thought I would stop by and see if there were any updates. Hope to see some soon on and I posted this from my new Ipod Touch. Only after Phil helped me get it on the internet though. Hope your weekend was good.

  2. says

    Sorry, Lance. I’ve been too busy with school and playing to write. I’ve got a bunch of screenshots if you want to piece together a story. 🙂

  3. Runnik says

    Thank God I’m a druid… er, lvl 70 druid with 375 LW. I don’t know what I’d do without my Windhawk set. It’s a lot easier to get epics when you can just simply craft them. Then again, the mats were hell. Like 30+ Primal Airs… that’s a lot of farming. Still, pre-T5 gear, Windhawk is the best set for healers. Makes one feel totally uber.

  4. says


    Uber is good! I’ve got some dang nice stuff I can make with Armorsmithing now, but I need to be around 47-50 to wear it already… at 267.

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