2.3 – The Patch We’ve All Been Anticipating

Patch 2.3It’s coming tomorrow morning, and I personally can’t wait until 10pm to get to play. Right… gaming life sucks when you go straight from work to a 3 hour night class, but what am I going to do? Last week, I caught the Background Downloader grabbing the patch for me and I’ve since been mulling about what I’m most looking forward to.

Being an alt-aholic like Growl and Kinless, not to mention 60-less PhiLogical, I’m very much mainly interested in the improved leveling for sub-60s. Then there is the newly added guild bank, which has my mules and the guild banker happy about. Oh, and the nixing the gossip pane on the flight masters and bankers. Doh! What am I most looking forward to? I’ve got a brand new druid (level 5 after 1 hour) because I couldn’t resist the alt-itch again and a 44 paladin going for 60 by Christmas. Depending on how much the patch improves leveling, I may succumb to starting an all new frost mage again.

According to the PTR patch notes that Blizzard has up right now, there is a lot to look forward to. Oh yeah! I almost forgot the hunter dead zone is going away, too. Tuesday night is going to be a fun night! The list is seriously too long to put up here without looking like news regurgitating, so go check out the list and chime in on what you want most.


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    I’ve only ever tried leveling on a PvP realm once and i hated it!! So i left that toon alone and created Firelight! Eventually i transferred my Warlock to my main server and i dont have to deal with the grief he used to get from gankathons and corpse camping!!

    Playing on an RP server it is funny when you bump into a Hordie flagged for pvp!!! >.<

    Its backfired on me a couple of times, but its fun!

    Especially if someone thought it would be a good idea to go afk while flagged up in skettis!! That was funny! i still chuckle about that now!

    I dont think i could live on a pvp server…I’m not great at pvp at the best of times, and getting ganked every 5 minutes would just put me off playing!!

    Dont get me wrong i love doing world pvp, when i’m ready for it! Halaa for instance is really good fun!! Where as EPL’s PvP is totally boring!!

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    Deadr made it all the way to 66 on Burning Legion (PvP). If I could count the number of times I got ganked by a mis-matched alliance or, like Relmstein said, any time there are two of them or I was out of mana, I’d be a man with a very large number in my head.

    I breezed through STV with Huntr on Velen. PvE was super-easy mode, especially with a hunter. It was a very rare event where I couldn’t at least start running with Tiggr’s health at 20% and no chance of winning.

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    There’s 1 time i was running through that elven place in mid Kalimdor (The name escapes me at the mo) heading along the road towards the Alliance village in the middle (Its the place with BFD in it) and this level ?? Tauren Horde ganked me for over an hour! This was the straw that broke the horses back and i never logged him again till he was moved! (Yes i moved a level 29 to another server! Worth the money? I think so!!)

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