It’s Patch Day – US Realms Offline

Patch Day!I woke up too late this morning (well, after my shower) to get in an nab some last minute bid auctions. I’m pretty pumped about the patch. This is the day we’ve been waiting for. I have my lowbie alts in Orgrimmar for a quick flight to Duskwallow Marsh and can’t wait for tonight’s class at university to end so I can get home and log in.

Growl will be bringing you more stuff shortly, so be sure to check in later, if you can make yourself stop trying to log in to your account.


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    Bah! US Servers get all the content a day ahead!!

    And yet even with this 24 hour advantage an EU Guild is still number one in progression!!! >.<

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    Bah it was 4 degree’s here yesterday (thats 39 defree’s F) and there was frost on the car, and today it was a bit warmer, but raining!

    I hate the weather here in the UK!

    I’ve wanted to move to the US for a long time!


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