Brian Kopp Updates His 1-70 Guide for 2.3

Brian Kopp, author of the extremely successful Alliance 1-70 leveling guides has just finished updating his guide for WoW 2.3! Kopp’s guide is touted as one of the fastest ways to level an Alliance character and with the increased quest experience and decreased leveling requirements that went live with 2.3, things have only gotten better.

According to Kopp – the changes in 2.3 now allow players to easily level from 1-60 with absolutely ZERO grinding!

Other changes include:

  • Levels 20-60 reworked for patch 2.3 so that all the improved experience changes were documented. This now allows the guide to be 100% questing 1-60 and no grinding
  • Enlarged the font and changed it to a cleaner style
  • Removed border from edge of pages while changing the margins slightly
  • Added page numbers to all pages
  • Separated the guide into 3 sections. One section for all the starting races up to 20, one section for 20-60 and one section for 60-70

Kopp is also offering level 1-20 of this guide for free! If you’ve ever been curious about how these guides look, this is an excellent chance to see it in action and try it for yourself. Gitr Knows WoW is an affiliate for Brian’s leveling guide – so we’re a bit biased on its quality. Don’t take our word – try it out yourself. For $35 you get the full guide, an in-game map mod that includes preset way points and notes for each quest, and a lifetime of free updates.

Brian Kopp's 1-70 Alliance Leveling Guide


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