Level 10 Tauren Druid Questline Walkthrough

One of the most exciting times for a new druid is the level 10 questline to get the ability to transform in to Bear Form. Until then, druids are quite squishy for someone who has the ability to be a tank in the biggest baddest instances around. Personally, I was more than ready for level 10 to come around when I finally dinged in Mulgore.

Gennia Runetotem in Bloodhoof VillageThe first step is to go back to Bloodhoof Village in Mulgore to speak to the Druid Trainer Gennia Runetotem (48.5,59.6) who will give you the quest Heeding the Call part 1. She basically tries to build up your weak self-esteem as a sucky lowbie and informs you that Turak Runetotem in the Cenarian Circle’s main tent on Elder Rise in Thunder Bluff personally wants to train you.

Being the gullible little level 10 toon that you are, you fall for her sycophantic drivel and head up the road to the North to get to Thunder Bluff. I won’t insult your intelligence by showing you a map of Mulgore to show you Thunder Bluff (TB) or Elder Rise, because they will show up on your map, however I will show you a great shot in the evening and make the rest of this walkthrough entertaining, as usual.

Thunder Bluff Lift

When you get to Turak Runetotem (76.3,27.7), he gives you a spell right away: Teleport to Moonglade. You are supposed to use the spell to travel to Moonglade, which happens to be both the name of the quest and the spot between Felwood and Winterspring. You can’t get there as a lowbie without teleport or a summon from someone already there.

Turak Runetotem in Elder RiseTeleport to Moonglade

Hamuul Runetotem in Elder RiseBefore leaving TB using the teleport, you should grab a quest from Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem in the same tent as Turak. He will give you a quest that takes you to the Crossroads. More on that later, but grab it anyway and you can thank me later. Also, if you have 5g 80s, you can buy 3 limited availability recipes that will net you about 10-18g on the AH. With that said, make sure your hearth is set to TB, click the spell, and head on out. Once in Moonglade, you need to seek out Dendrite Starblaze in Nighthaven, who happens to be in the building right behind you if you are facing South upon arrival (56.3, 30.6).

Dendrite Starblaze in NighthavenPretty fun questline so far, huh? Nothing hard, nothing dangerous, and so far, they even included instant travel. Things are just getting started. Ok, so now that you’re here, go see Dendrite first. He is going to be really happy to see you and says that there is a Great Bear Spirit in the woods of Moonglade and that all druids seek the spirit’s wisdom at one point or another, and that, since everyone else does, you will do it too. Accept the quest called Great Bear Spirit and go back out front. From where you stand, you need to go down the hill to another building that looks just like Dendrite’s building. In front (to the south) of that building is another over to the right that has two entrances off the path and looks like a night elf inn. Inside is Lorelae Wintersong (48, 40), obviously a play on Gilmore Girls. Great Bear Spirit and Lorelae LocationsShe has the possibility of having 3 limited availability recipes and patterns for you. Take advantage of these, even if only for resale. Come back as often as you’d like, because you have Teleport.

Off to find the Great Bear Spirit (39.4, 27.8). He’s rather easy to spot. Coming out of that building on the north side, or from where you came out of Dendrite’s building, head West. You can see him from the edge of Nighthaven if your distance is set far enough. A note for skinners: even if you are around 7-80 skinning, you can still Moonfire the deer and rabbits around the area for skinning skill, as they are still green. Great Bear SpiritThe abundance of quarry is too hard to resist. Now, getting over to the spirit, you have to click through an agonizing list of 4-6 screens of “listening to his wisdom” that I have honestly never read and don’t care to ever read. All you want is Bear Form, right? Me too. When you are done listening to him, you’ve completed the quest and you return to Dendrite, killing and skinning if you are as cool as me. Then it’s time to hearth back to TB to speak to Turak again with the totally originally-named quest called Back to Thunder Bluff. Someone in Blizz must have been tired that day when they named these quests.

Location of Moonskin StoneThe next leg of the questline from Turak is called Body and Heart. He sends you to The Barrens just outside Mulgore to kill Lunaclaw. He provides you with Cenarian Lunardust to use on the Moonskin Stone that I’ll show you in full color wonderment.

First, travel to 41.8, 59.7 and look South. You shoud be able to see a stone glowing with a pinkish aura. Go over there and use the dust from Turak. Lunaclaw will come from the north and was level 12 for me. He went down pretty easily, but that’s just my fight. I was decked out in 4g worth of level 10 greens to give me over 300 HP/mana. The strategy was simple: cast a couple of spells, root him, use another spell, and then hit him until he was dead.

Moonskin Stone Lunaclaw Spirit

Time to save some more time and become even more efficient in your WoW exploration. It’s a pretty safe bet that you Journey to the Crossroadshave been in Mulgore your entire 1-10 time thus far unless you went to Silvermoon straight off and are returning for the questline. That means you should be killing several more birds with this stone for future use. First, run East to Camp Turajo to pick up the flight point from Omusa Thunderhorn (44.5, 59.1). Right next to the road in Camp Turajo is Kirge Sternhorn (44.8, 58.6) who gives you Journey to the Crossroads. Wow, so now you have two quests to take you to the Crossroads. What is a Tauren to do?

Follow the directions. Go see Tonga Runetotem (52.2, 31.9) and Thork (51.5, 30.8) and turn in your quests. Go ahead and pick up their other quests, too. You can get to them soon enough. Get the flight point in Crossroads and fly back to TB and run to Turak in the Elder Rise again. Is it past your bedtime yet? It was for me. I had no idea this questline was this long. With some dilly-dallying, taking screenshots, and being meticulous about the experience, it took about 75 minutes. I’m sure it can be done in a bit under an hour, but it’s still a lot of running if you include the Crossroads. You will thank me for that later.

Turn in Body and Heart to TurakNow that you’re back in TB with Turak… right?… you are ready to complete the questline. Finally! Double ’bout time! Turn in Body and Heart and get ready to take a screenshot if you’re that kind of person. Congratulations, my fellow druid. You can go tank stuff now. Welcome to warriordom. You instantly get a high-threat taunt called Growl and a high-threat melee swipe called Maul. It’s now time to go run around jumping and celebrating and playing in Bear Form as much as druidly possible because it’s cool. It should be a lot easier to finish the Mulgore quests with higher armor than before. All you should need to do is switch out of Bear Form to heal if you get in a bind, but you will find yourself much less squishy now.

Bear Form


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    Oooh. Level 10. So you’ve played for what, 3 hours? Of course you suck. Play more, level, get better.

    Perhaps you noticed I’m a human warrior, dranaei pally, undead priest, and hunters. I don’t play druids. He is still that level.

  2. AFKpirate says

    Thanks for the guide.
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    @Bit lvl 20 for cat form and lvl 16 for travel and water form what I saw, still lvl 13 here. 🙂

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    thanks it s very cool:) it s good i have a tauren druid and it can change into a bear now

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    Bear- Lvl 10
    Aquatic- Lvl 16
    Travel- Lvl 16
    Cat- Lvl 20
    Boomkin (if Balance)- Lvl 40
    Dire Bear- Lvl 40
    Tree of Life (if Restoration)- Lvl 50

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    That was long but damn useful. Could not thank you enough. Keep it coming.

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