Exalted with Arathi Basin – Only 419 Games to Go…

So on Monday, Growl likes to troll the official forums and see what the BLUES have to say about things. One little bit of rantage that I came across had to do with the Arathi Basin battleground and just *how* long it would take to reach exalted.

The post started out with a fairly distraught fellow that had come to the conclusion that to reach exalted status with AB he needed to play something like 23,800 games – which worked out (assuming around 30 minutes a game) to the disproportionately large time hack of 58 days of played time in Arathi Basin alone.

Needless to say my jaw dropped. 58 days of /played – in AB? That…that’s just insane…it’s worse than insane – it’s criminal! Who could *stand* to play that much Arathi Basin? Great Spirit-In-The-Sky think of the children!!!

Before I could work myself up into a truly indignant rage, I remembered that some good friends had hit exalted back under the old PvP system. They seemed okay. No twitches or night terrors about losing the Lumber Mill or waking up screaming that the Farm is getting ninja’d. A couple even had families. How could this number be right?

Intrigued, I combed through a few more pages of the post until I caught on to a friendly fellow that paid closer attention to grade-school math.

The *real* break down to hitting exalted in AB looks like this:

  • Neutral to Friendly — 30 Games
  • Friendly to Honored — 60 Games
  • Honored to Revered — 120 Games
  • Revered to Exalted — 210 games

That’s a grand total of 420 games. Now the numbers assume 100 rep points per turn-in and don’t include fun things like AB Honor Weekends or bonus rep earned from quests so the actual number is likely to ball park a bit lower. That said, it’s still an accomplishment.

With this in mind, has the addition of the new “Conquerer” title lead any of you to try and hit exalted with all three of the original battlegrounds? Have you already done it? Send us a screenshot of your toon and let us know what the grind was like!


  1. Kasuals says

    I’ve been hittin’ some 5 caps lately due to lack of horde interest in the 60-69 bracket. We generally win in under 3 minutes.

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