Patch 2.3 Opens New Doors for Level 70 Raiders and Non-Raiders.

Patch 2.3 Badge ChangesMost people know how badges work, and if you didn’t here’s a quick “readers digest” version on what they are and what they’re used for.

Ever since the release of the Burning Crusade, level 70s have been able to run heroic instances in Outlands (if of course they’re revered or higher with the instance’s faction.) In these heroic instances 5 level 70 players are given the opportunity to try their skills for upgraded armor and badges. Every boss in heroic instances drops only level 70 gear (the final boss dropping one epic item and a primal nether) and Badges of Justice, which are used to purchase epic items (and a primal nether for 10 badges) from an NPC in Shattrath’s Terrace of Light named G’eras.

Outlands gear at 70 is *nice*, but pretty much pales to the drops from Karazhan. Also, it’s not easy to get enough badges required to get all of the items you could use from G’eras when all you would get was 3 badges in all heroic instances except for heroic Mechanar (in which case you got 5).

Now though, Blizzard has made it easier to get that epic gear that G’eras has to offer by allowing badges to drop from all bosses in Karazhan and the newly opened Zul’Aman (some bosses drop more than one badge that can be picked up by every player in the raid). But wait! That’s not all! Blizzard also introduced new badge loot that rivals and at times beats out gear from Karazhan and Zul’Aman. Now that raiders can get badges from these two 10-mans it won’t be unheard of for each player to receive 20+ badges per week, without stepping a foot into a heroic instance at all. With this new way to receive loads of badges Blizzard decided to give the new gear a very high price tag compared to the previous epics. The cheapest items (which are Librams, Idols and Totems) are 20 badges and the gear gets more and more expensive capping out at 75 badges for the best items.

Although most raiders benefited from badge system thus far, Blizzard didn’t forget to help the non-raiders out as well. Remember those heroic instances? Well, with Patch 2.3’s release it became possible for players to run heroics with only an honored reputation for that particular faction. All in all it’s a win-win for raiders and non-raiders alike. I know for non-raiders the easiest way to get epics is battlegrounds (Season 1 arena gear can now be purchased with honor points!) and arena teams, but especially for players such as Moonkin druids (who aren’t usually considered for raids) this new badge system benefits them the most (a lot of the new leather gear for example is balance druid gear). Either way, if you raid or if you enjoy the freedom to actually go out weekend nights, Patch 2.3 has something for you.


  1. Runnik says

    Yeah Athodor, I atempted a heroic HFR and it was horrible. We had an undergeared tank and rogue. The mage and lock I was with were all in epics (as am I) but it was bad. We downed the 1st boss but wiped horribly on the pulls to come. I’m not sure what this new drop in rep requirement holds for us in the future, but atm it’s not helping at all, just wasting time.

  2. says

    PUGs. Ugh. Just typing that acronym gives me the jitters. I’m one of those casual players that this patch was designed for. The problem is, my guild is largely a raiding guild that has Kara pretty much on farm status. I’ve been there a couple times now and gotten my T4 head piece. The rest of my gear is bought from the various faction quartermasters. I have quite a few epics and pretty decent stats, especially when fully buffed. The problem is, my guild never does heroics. Never. If it ain’t Kara or Gruul’s (or ZA, which seems to be the flavor of the month), it doesn’t interest them. So I have to PUG. And I refuse to lower my intellect to such a level that I have to explain tanking duties when I’ve never played a warrior before for someone wearing gear from Deadmines. It’s sad, really.

    The changes were meant to be good. And, by and large, I think they are. But without the proper support from some knowledgable players, it’s a slippery slope to nowhere.

  3. Runnik says

    Sorry to hear that Arren. If I were you, you may want to consider finding yourself a spot on a Kara team. Now that the badges drop there it’s the best place to get a lot in one session. I got 6 badges last night from just 3 bosses. Easy way to pick them up. Good luck to you.

  4. says

    Our did a full Kara clear on saturday in 3.5 hours! 22 Badges FTW!

    We’re going again tomorrow!!

    Can’t Wait!!

    I’ve had good and bad experiances with PuG’s personally!

    Just the other day a RL friend of mine wanted to get his kara key and had only done the first 2 quests from outside kara, so we found a group for Shadow Labs, cleared it quite nicely with only 1 wipe on 2nd boss, then we asked if the other 3 wanted to do Underbog, Arcatraz, and Black Morass and they were up for it!! It was a real pleasure! All 4 instances cleared in about 4/5 hours! It was brilliant!

    Its a rare find to get a PuG that works, but when it does…best feeling in the world!

    People who say stuff like “PuG’s give me the shivvers…” Do you do any BG’s? They’re all PuG’s!!!

  5. Runnik says

    Wow.. you sir, are lucky. That’s quite impressive about your guild clearing kara in 3.5 hours. It’s obviously possible but there aren’t a lot of guilds that can say they have done it. And for your dang PuGs… I don’t know if I should be happy for you or loath you, lol. That’s insanely lucky. I’ve never, ever heard a PuG story like that. Gratz to you.

  6. says

    Oh dont get me wrong i have been in some truely appauling PuG’s before now!!!

    As for kara, we’re 50% through SSC, so most of the guild have full t4, and then some….so kara’s a walk in the park now!

  7. Runnik says

    Yeah, I hear you. Must have just been a good night 🙂

    And I can see now why Kara was such a breeze. Good luck to your guild on finishing SSC! Then again, how many pieces of the Badge gear will actually help your raid? If most of you are in T4 I’m sure there can’t be a lot.

  8. says

    I have had a lot of good and even more bad PUGs, the best I can say is grit your teeth and get on with it, add the good players to your friends list and make a note of the poor and annoying players. Since I have been levelling up and mostly playing a healer I can usually shape the mould of a group, most of the time I can even say ‘kick so and so’ and it will be done. Once you can pull together a group of good players things go much more smoothly.

  9. Runnik says

    OMG, I ran a Heroic Mech the other day and it wasn’t until we got inside that I noticed the moonkin druid, and the rogue were in all greens… It’s official, I think this honored rule needs to go. We had to boot them and find new people. Was horrible though cause we wiped 5 times before we found someone 2 more members and cleared.

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