ZOMG, I just got Ganked…

I’m not an alt kind of guy. I usually just hang out on my level 70. If I’m bored, I sit in Stormwind and chat. Never before have I leveled an alt over level 15… until this week. Awhile ago I started a Blood Elf rogue on Gorefiend, simply because my roommate did too. I got him to level 15 and that’s about it. He sat there, collecting dust on my character list for the next four months.

Then, I got an itch. I don’t know why so don’t ask but I just did. So there I was, and the levels began to fall behind me. As of right now my rogue is level 24 and questing in Hillsbrad Foothills. Now, there’s one other interesting fact before my story goes on: Gorefiend is a PvP server, the first one I’ve ever attempted. Runnik is on Silvermoon, a normal server, so I’m used to going through the whole “/pvp” thing before I get owned…

So Arcyon (my rogue), was in Hillsbrad questing. I believe I had to take out a few Hillsbrad mages or something irrelevant. when out of nowhere from behind me unstealths this red “Level 33 Rogue” demon from the horrid, flaming pits of hell. You can imagine my surprise when it dawned on me about halfway through my life: “ZOMG… I’m getting ganked…”

Vipers ganking me

I try in vain to fight off this rogue but alas, he pwned me. Before I leave for the graveyard he of course emotes me with “Vipers spits on you,” before he trots away laughing at his devilish actions. I immediately search my social tab for someone to tell this to. There’s no one online from my new guild (that only has like 17 members) and there’s just one guy on my friends list who I’ve only talked to once. I know for a fact he has no clue who I am. He’s a level 70 hunter in Shadow Labs that I met through my roommate four months prior. Screw it, I gotta tell someone.

So I send him a tell saying: “Ok, let it be known: I just got ganked for the first time ever since I’ve never played on a PvP server before… just had to tell someone.”

I don’t get a reply from him, instead I get tells from level 70s in his guild that I’ve never spoken too: “Sorry you got ganked :(,”

“Sorry man, getting ganked blows,” “I’ll run you through SM sometimes to cheer you up from getting ganked,” “We’re talking about you on vent, lol.”

I reply to the last one with: “I feel like I just lost my virginity, from behind… with a Backstab…”

This guys starts rolling laughing and talking on vent with his guild about my comments on getting ganked for the first time.

Vipers standing over my lifeless body.

So finally I release and make the trek back to recover my body. I continue my questing and just after downing three mobs at the same time because of crappy adds I turn around and there’s a red “Level ?? Priest” on a mount…. Oh crap…. The Night Elf Priest dismounts, and this douche Mind Controls me and I watch in horror as I say out loud, “Oh! Come On!!!” as Arcyon runs into a group of mobs and then the priest stops her MC and the group tears through my 17HP I had left from my last fight. ZOMG I just got ganked… again… /sigh… dangit….

Well, now I have an idea of what the whole PvP server thing is about. It’s nothing but working and working and working on quests that you may frequently die on if you’re soloing, and just before finishing it getting your butt handed to you by cross-faction characters. And that’s just at Hillsbrad, I can’t imagine what STV is going to be like! So, you can imagine how I feel about PvP servers now and how I feel about even working on leveling Arcyon from now on… You guessed it: I LOVE IT!!!! I can’t wait to level up higher. Those ganks only fueled my desire to level up and gank the heck out of other lowbies on that server. With that said, I still need to finish that quest that I’ve been trying for the last hour… I guess I’ll start there.


  1. Archsooner says

    Was reading my post and not entirely accurate. I had gotten a human pally to level 51 and a mage to 25 then we switched to another pvp server (Bloodfurnace) and I’m currently at lvl 47 with my BE pally and level 15 with my BE mage. Still not too bad though, 2 guys around 50 a 25 and a 15 since thanksgiving 🙂

  2. milkshakes says

    Actually, I haven’t had a single issue leveling on a pvp server, but yeah. O.o I make it harder to level for nubs for sure. 🙂

  3. Grogo says

    Rolling a blood elf on Gul’Dan. Got him to 24 so far and have been ganked all over the place. the only one that really torked me off was a ?? in satyrnaar that ganked all 8 of us 20s over and over and over and over for like 45 minutes. Finally my teammate and I were the only ones that kept coming back. The rest ran for the hills. Finally the ?? must have had mercy on us. She came up to me bonked me on the head, turned me into an ice cube. Then I just sat down in front of her. She stared at me for a while and then left me and my teammate to our quest. Alot of the gankers do it because they suck at pvp against their own level or because they got ganked and now are doing it to other people as a latent revenge. Generally I will only pvp someone within 4 levels of me. Lower allys I wave at and move on. Many higher allys just ignore me. Yesterday I did see a ally my level ganking a poor low level hordie so I went and beat the snot out of him. He did not come back. PVP is just that and it includes ganking and you lose your viriginty fast. Of course I think PVP server players are much better in arenas and BGs as a result because they have to fight mobs and players their whole toon life.

  4. BushidoBlade says

    My main character is a lvl 31 Night Elf Warrior on PVP (Onxya). Getting ganked is a daily occurence it seems regardless of your lvl. Outside of astraanar i killed 3 horde (middle 20s) within a 10 min timespan! I was lucky I guess. After that I encountered a lvl 31 Warlock this chick kept casting fear on me and ended up killing 3 times in probably a 10 min time span LOL!

    After that fiasco i was trying to go to southshore through auberdeen via the flight from menethial harbor. A horde ?? druid was camped on the boat. He killed everyone on the boat multiple times. I figured he would get tired and leave but he was relentless he killed me back to back 5 times. I could manage to get a hit off and do some damage but he could take me in about two or three hits.

    When I finally got to southshore WWIII broke out a lvl 70 horde guy was killed by a lvl 65 guy backed by a healer. After the lvl 70 got his ass handed to him he came back with 4 other lvl 70s or ?? and they killed every living thing in the town even the gyphons! Needless to say PVP servers can make it hard to lvl in some cases. I always seemed to get attacked by the horde when i’m fighting an animal in the woods. Occasionally you have your fair fights but the majority of the time whenever a battle is going on someone has the advantage over another.

    Mages man those guys are deadly. When they hit you with the fear what can you do LOL. After all that I experienced with the horde i generally will kill them on sight. When i’m lvl 70 i will attack their towns just like they do us…

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