Level 10 Blood Elf Warlock Questline Walkthrough

Hello my name is Phil and I am here to today to walk you though the level 10 quest to get yourself the big blue fighting machine known as the Voidwalker.

Murder RowThe Voidwalker is the second summoned demon that you are able to get and the quest becomes available to you at level 10. The Voidwalker does minor melee damage, but is a formidable tank that has gotten me out of some really bad situations let me tell you.

Now I currently am using Cartographer as my map add-on, the coordinates I will be giving work with what ever add-on you will be using. I like Cartographer, however as pointed out by some of my guild mates; I have a really bad UI setup and really need to learn how to set up a better one.

TalionaSo when you reach level 10 you will need to go to Murder Row in Silvermoon City and go in The Sanctum. (74, 45) It’s the last building on the right hand side before you enter the Court of the Sun. There you will find the Warlock Trainer named Talionia; she will give you a quest called The Stone, which requires you to obtain a Voidstone from the Dead Scar.

Now at this point I highly recommend you visit the Auction House and buy whatever upgrades you can afford. While the mobs in the area where you will be going are only 10-11, there are a lot of them ,so you will need all the help you can get. Also, I would suggest that you go to the inn in Murder Row (79, 57) and make that your home, just for ease of this quest’s completion.

This quest will require you to go into the Ghostlands so, unless you have the flight point, you will have to take the path all the way down. I hear the run is beautiful, especially this time of year! As soon as you cross the bridge going from Eversong Woods into the Ghostlands (48, 11) make a right and go down the river. You will see a small waterfall at 43, 13 and below there you will see a bunch little blue glowy things.Voidstone Those are the Voidstones.

Once you acquire the Voidstone you will be presented with another quest: The Rune of Summoning. Where you will need to go to the Goldenmist Village, if you just follow the river all the way down to the west you will come to another, much larger waterfall (30, 9) just jump off and you are there.

The building in the center of town is where you will need to go, it is actually the first building you see on the left hand side when you swim to shore. The area is surrounded by the Quel’doei Wraith and Quel’dorei Ghosts and they are level 10-11 mobs.

You will need to fight your way up to the second floor of that building to a little room where the summoning circle is located (27, 15). Now if you die and you very well might I suggest that you try and see if you can rez up on the second floor it will make it much easier.

VWNow once you have cleared the area of all mobs you will need to stand in the summoning circle and right click on the Voidstone to summon the Voidwalker. You will have to fight him so ensure that you are at full health and mana. Once he is defeated the quest is complete. Now at this point you will need to go back to speak with Taliona again to turn in the quest. Now you can hearth back to the inn or what I recommend you do before that is go down to Tranquillien and get the flight point (45, 30). It will save you a trip later.

Once you turn in the quest with Talionia you will learn a new spell; Summon Voidwalker. He and all future Demons require a Soul Shard to summon.

So congratulations you have yourself a new Voidwalker, or VW for short, also known as the blueberry.

I hope you have better luck with the names than I have had: Juk’gak, Helkrast, and Makvhug.



  1. says

    So I’m lvl 14 and I don’t know if I have to do other quests to get her to have the quest er what, but she definitely does not have the quest and I’m looking for advice.

  2. barbedoes says

    DUDE you have no idea how much you helped me i am such a noob and when a person helps me like this i am sooo happy you dont even know you probably saved me 1 hour of asking random peeps on wow how to get it ty soo much

  3. Anant says

    Guys the other Warlock trainer thr gives a quest which sends us to the undercity.. from there we are diverted back to this Tailonia Warlock for Voidwalker quest.. apologise for not being specific about names.. am not so familiar.. regards

  4. Ichika says

    OK….sorry, just go to the underground city….they’ll give you the first part of the quest… XD

  5. Ozzy says

    guys for Blood Elf void quest start at Under City in Mage Quater around there a man Calindar or etc. take the quest ” return the Talionia and go to silvermoon city back and continue the quest =) Btw to go under city >>>> At silvermoon city go ?nner sanctum in Sunfury Spire and use orb of Translocation, u directly teleport to under city. Have fun…

  6. says

    You no longer need to complete this quest as of September 6th, 2011.

    Just go to Murder Row, speak to the Warlock teacher, and the Void Walker is available.

    I would have liked to have completed the battle. It would have been more rewarding to have the Void Walker then.


  7. Vytas says

    First you need to go to Ogrimmar warlock trainer and get quest there
    When you go to talonia in Silvermoon and do other quests. Hope it helped 🙂

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